Safety Tips for Track and Skid Steer Loaders

Track loaders and skid steer loaders are very popular rental choices. The reasons are quite clear to us. These loaders are efficient, hardworking tools perfect for one-time job usage. The wide range of quick change attachments, including different types and sizes of buckets, backhoes, forks, hammers, rakes, and augers make these work horses very versatile. We have found loaders to be popular for use in building, construction, landscaping, farm work, and beyond. Loaders are loved because they make quick work of manual labor jobs that would take more time and effort otherwise.

Here are a few tips to safely operate track and skid steer loaders:

  • Keep bystanders at a safe distance away from the work area. Especially be aware of bystanders when lowering or raising buckets and attachments.
  • Wear seat belt and have the seat bar (if equipped) lowered. This will prevent runovers from happening to operators.
  • Do not permit riders on the loader unless the loader is designed to accommodate a second rider. Never allow riders in a bucket or on an attachment. A rider can interfere with controls and vision. They can also easily bounce out on rough terrain.
  • Examine the terrain, checking the work area for hazards overhead, like power lines.
  • Always maintain a speed that is appropriate for the existing conditions and visibility. Slow travel will keep the machine under control.
  • Be aware of any shifts in balance. A full load can transfer the weight to the front axle from the rear axle. Manage the center of gravity by controlling the speed and load height. Travel up and down steep slopes and ramps with the heavy end of the machine pointed uphill.
  • To mount and dismount, keep three points of contact with the machine — both hands and one foot, or one hand and both feet.

By renting track and skid steer loaders from Northside Tool Rental, you can be certain the equipment will always be clean, maintained, safe, and dependable. Our rental experts are available to answer any question you may have about choosing the right loader and attachments for the job. Our goal is to serve you not only with our equipment, but also with our expertise!