The Importance of Generators on the Jobsite | Commercial Equipment Rental

Whether your jobsite is large or small, chances are you will need electricity to power tools, technology, lights, fans, and other items. When electric outlets are not available and you need a temporary supply of power – generators come to the rescue!

Choosing the right generator:

  • How portable do you need it to be? Even a “portable” generator can be hard to maneuver if it is very heavy. Consider whether you need the generator to be on wheels for extra portability.
  • How much power do you need? This isn’t necessarily based on the size of the jobsite, but more on the quantity and power requirements of the equipment you will be running. As you are planning, consider the wattage needed on a continuous basis and on an occasional basis. Here is a comprehensive wattage estimation guide to guide you. Rather than powering the whole site with one large generator, another option is to equip individual crews with smaller generators, which they can move around easily depending on the task at hand.
  • How long do you need the generator to run? Determine the amount of time each day you will need the generator to power up your equipment. Look at the run time and the fuel tank size when choosing a generator.

A few Northside Tool Rental generator options…

  • 2000w Portable Generator: If you need a solid source of electricity in a quiet, compact and portable package, look no further than this 2000 watt portable generator.
  • 6500w Portable Generator: Our 6500 watt portable generator is Honda’s largest portable, clean, and quiet generator. This generator will provide 14 hours of electricity on just 4.5 gallons of gas. It also features an inverter to provide a stable source of power for computers and other electronics.
  • 30kw Towable Trailer: This is perfect for large jobsite needs. A very quiet diesel generator that runs for 8 hours or more on a tank of fuel.

Northside Tool Rental offers generators in many sizes so that you can choose the one perfect for your jobsite. One of the most useful aspects of renting a generator is that you can rent generators of different sizes with the right output and the right rating for a specific job. You can also rest assured knowing you will receive a well-maintained, high performance machine.

Whatever your electricity needs may be, we have you covered. Visit us at one of our five convenient metro Atlanta locations, reserve online, or give us a call!