Great Employees Can Greatly Improve Your Business

I’m sure we have all read the articles and viewed the news about the industry wide skilled labor shortage. This shortage makes it even harder to find and keep quality construction staff. But that doesn’t mean the time has come to stick our heads in sand or look the other way. The only way you can continue to improve your business is to have great employees. Let’s take a look at the reasons why hiring subpar workers is not the answer to this shortage dilemma.

  • High Turn Over Rate – You will end up spending more money to replace employees through an increased frequency of new hires and new hire training. Also, customers like to see consistency. They don’t want to see or talk to a different person each time they make contact with your company.
  • More Mistakes – Everyone knows that more mistakes made means more money going down the drain.
  • Lower Quality – With subpar workers your end result will be lower in quality each and every time. Quality work is what sets your company apart and can drive higher demand and higher compensation. Don’t ruin your reputation by settling for lower quality.

Now that you are convinced you need great talent, what is the answer to hiring greatness during a labor shortage?

  • Take Your Time – We know, we know that time is money. But in the case of hiring, additional time spent up front can reduce wasted time and money spent later. See where we are going here? You want to spend extra time with interviews and assessments to ensure you are hiring the right workers for the job the first time.
  • Keep Them Happy – The longer you can retain your best employees, the less time you will spend having to rehire. Yes, competitive compensation and great benefits go a long way to keeping employees happy. But there are other initiatives that can lead to happy employees that want to stick around. Think about offering additional training, a flexible schedule for those that need it, and always stay in touch with the need of you employees through an open dialog.

The bottom line is talented workers will help you to enjoy repeat business and greater brand loyalty.  Your company will reach the level of success you are aiming for with great employees.