Beginner Woodworking Projects made Fun and Easy

Anyone who wishes to start woodworking faces the daunting task of having to choose the type of wood, the correct tools and manage the expenses. Fortunately, woodworking has now become popular across the globe in many countries. This means that there are many more experts who are willing to guide you on your woodworking hobby to make the activities fun and safe.

In addition to the basic information provided about tool kits and carving tips, many websites on the Internet now provide a variety of woodworking projects. These ranges from beginner to the advanced level and you can choose your project depending on your budget, skill and time.

A Few Projects for Beginners

Woodworking - Northside Tool RentalAs you become more proficient in woodworking the level of difficulty with regard to skill and finesse might change. However, for those who are trying out woodworking for the first time can focus on simpler projects. This ensures that you built a rhythm and get the hang of the art of woodworking. In addition to being able to handle the tools, the beginner level is also aimed at making you aware of the safety hazards and protocols that need to be followed. Also, these projects will make you more aware of how much space needs to be devoted to woodworking. Whether you live in an apartment or bungalow, space is an important consideration during woodworking. Beginner projects are a great way for you to kick start your hobby and one can make many useful and fun objects with these project ideas.

· The Cutting Board: Every household needs one and this is one of the simplest woodworking projects. All you need is a table-saw, sandpaper and some untreated hardwood. The wood can be shaped in any way you want. However, since you are a beginner sharp angles and straight lines are easier than curved edges. The cutting board is both easy to make and a useful addition to your kitchen.

· Frames for Artwork: In almost every house there are displays of artwork or photographs. Personal memories, painting done by kids, a collage of your college friends, any and every thing can be displayed on the walls. To make the most of your woodworking skills you can now make the frames instead of buying them from the store. Store-bought frames are an added expense and can be done away with if you make the frames at home. To make a simple frame, all you need is basic wood and a saw. File off the edges to give it a square or rectangular shape and as you become more skilled in woodwork you can also experiment with different shapes and designs.

· A Pet Box: For those of you who have pets, a pet box is one great way to showcase your woodworking talents. All one needs for the box is an empty wooden carton or planks, some wood glue and a nail gun. If you are using a plank instead of a ready-made carton, be sure to seal the edges with glue. The base of the pet box must be reinforced with added wood so that it is safe and comfortable for your favorite pet.

· A Wooden Wine Rack: This is a fantastic way to add a rustic charm to your kitchen. Wine racks at the store are often expensive. To make the most of your woodworking hobby, you can make a wooden wine carrier at home. A little glue and nail gun is all one needs to transform your kitchen into a rustic yet elegant space. The wine rack is sure to win hearts and is also a great way to organize your kitchen area.

· Gameboards for Fun: For those who have a park or backyard, a game board is a perfect project to add fun and games to your day. A game board can be adapted to any activity and is an easy, yet fun addition to your woodworking to-do list. For a golf themed activity, use a plank and bore a hole at the end. This is the simplest woodworking project and can be an attractive way to socialize with friends and family during summer evenings. All you need is a drilling machine and a saw. To provide an added elevation, just use a nail gun and hammer in an additional plank at the end.

· Bamboo Wind Chime: This is an ideal way to impress the guests. Nowadays wind chimes are mainly made of steel or plastic. Add an earthy touch to your home decor by making a wooden wind chime. You will require basic equipment such as glue, a nail gun and a drilling machine. The only consideration in this project is to make sure that the wood is not dense. Since it is a wind chime the wood needs to be light enough for the wind to rustle across the poles.

The Beginner Woodworking Toolkit

Woodworking can be a daunting project for many because of the specific tools that are needed. It is important for you to consult with an expert. There are many sites online such as or that offer great many insights into the tools you need for woodworking. In addition, they also provide you with safety information that you need for woodworking. If you do not have access to the internet, your local hardware store should have a manual ready for you to consult. A few essential tools that are needed when you start your woodworking project are:

· Portable Table Saw: The portable table saw is one of the most basic and useful tools needed for woodworking. This is basically used for breaking down sheets of plywood and sawing tendons. This can be installed in an apartment as easily as a shed and provides both space and work benefits.

· Circular and Track Saws: The saw is one of the most essential items in the woodworker’s toolkit. The saw is needed to file the wood to a basic uniformity. This is crucial to ensure stability of your project. For instance, if you are making a cutting board, the saw is very important in making sure that there is a plane surface throughout.

· Drill Press: The drill press is vital when it comes to drilling holes. A 10 or 12 inch drill press is a great investment and must be included in your toolkit.


While completing any woodworking project the key thing to keep in mind is safety. Using the appropriate tools and wearing the needed gear is essential when it comes to beginner woodworking projects. The tools must be handles after you have read the instruction manual. Make your beginner woodworking projects both fun and safe by paying careful attention while working. This will make your hobby a great learning experience that can transform the living space around you.