How To Build A Backyard Firepit

Sitting and spending time around a fire is considered to be the oldest form of entertainment. There’s nothing better than ending a busy day, sitting around a fire, enjoying the company of your friends and family. This makes having a firepit in your backyard absolutely essential.

How to build a backyard firepit - Northside Tool Rental

Many people are of the assumption that constructing a firepit is quite and daunting task and may require professional help. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

With the right set of tools and a little hard work, you can enjoy a bonfire in the very comfort of your home. Read on for some easy steps and tips on how to build a backyard firepit.

Step-By-Step Guide On Building A Firepit

The first step is to decide on where in your backyard you want to build your firepit. make sure you choose a location that is from fences, plants, or any other kinds of flammable material.

Next, plan out the design of your pit. Consider how many people will ideally sit around the fire. A good idea would be to consider a 6 foot buffer, just in case. Keep in mind local building codes that require pits to be enclosed by a border of gravel or sand. Decide on the diameter and interior dimension of the pit.

Once you’ve decided on all these factors, you can use a string or a measuring tape to mark out a circle, according to the diameters you’ve decided. Once you’ve got a perfect marking, you need to dig out the dirt and sod within the marked circle. Ensure the pit is at least 18 inches deep. To quicken the process, you can use the 5” mini excavator.

After the pit is dug, fill 6 inches of it with gravel. Ensure than each layer is smoothened before the next load so that the foundation is more secure. Once you’ve covered six inches, tamp on it to smoothen it further. Using the Asphalt Plate tamp can be helpful in this situation. You can add a thin layer of sand over the gravel, but this step is optional.

Using the measuring tape or string used in the third step mark an inner radius as a guideline for placing the pit’s first layer of retaining wall units. After placing these units on the drawn circle, secure them to the gravel base with a mallet. In this step, it is important to ensure that the retaining units are level from every angle.

Once the first layer of retaining walls are secure, add your second layer of retaining walls. Ensure that these units are dry and clean so that you can easily add the coping rows with adhesive in place.

Next, you will need to surround your pit with pavers. For this you will first need to create a six inch gravel base with a one inch top layer of coarse concrete sand. Cut pavers according to the size of your pit. For this you may use a paver saw. The best option would be choosing a 10 inch saw that is similar to a tile saw with a pivoting head that can be used for plunge cutting. Place these pavers in according to a pattern of your choice. Use an aluminum or plastic restraint over the pavers so that they don’t move out of place. Fill the gaps and joints with concrete sand and you have your own backyard firepit.

Additional Tips To Keep In Mind

– If you’re worried about flying embers, consider placing a mesh screen over your fire pit. This will keep the embers from the fire from flying in all directions.

– To prevent the fire from spreading into the yard, add an extra layer of retaining wall units before finally placing your coping row.

– Avoid using river stones for your pit. They have a tendency of exploding when overheated.

– Refraining from burning, leaves, brushes and garbage in your firepit. They produce excessive smoke, which may be disturbing to the neighbors and people around you.

– Always keep a bucket of water on standby just in case you may need an emergency extinguisher. Better still, always have a fire extinguisher handy.

– If you have kids in the house, always ensure that the fire is put of completely to avoid accidents. Children are always curious and may harm themselves if the firepit is burning without adult supervisions.

Building a backyard firepit is not only easy, it is also very inexpensive. All the materials and tools required for its construction are easily available.