How To Build A Chain Link Fence

How to build a chain link fence - Northside Tool Rental

If you are looking for simple tips and steps on how to build a chain link fence, the process is not that complex. With the right tools, and with the right guide in place, you will find that the process is something that anyone can do, even if you are new to DIY projects.

It is important to have the right tools, in order to ensure the job is done right, and to ensure it is a sturdy, well built fence. With the tools and equipment which we sell, and with the simple guide, you will quickly learn how to build a chain link fence, and find the process is not too difficult.

Digging the post holes

The first step is to dig deep holes, in order to provide a solid base for the poles you will be installing. Using an auger, you will find it is quite simple to dig those wholes. We sell high quality augers, which provide a durable drill bit frame, and several rotational settings, allowing you to dig deep in to the ground. With this piece of equipment, rather than a shovel, you will not only be able to dig deep, directly in to the ground, you will also find it takes far less time to dig the holes. With the rotating drill bit, the auger will reach a deeper setting, providing a solid base for your posts; not only will this result in a solid foundation, it will also allow you to complete the drilling process, in a short period of time.

Mixing the concrete

Once you have dug the holes using the auger, you need a solid foundation so that they can settle deep in the ground; mixing concrete is the next step in the process. Sure, you can sit around with a bucket and use a hand mixer, but we rent commercial grade concrete mixers, which will cut your work time down greatly. Not only does the mixer work far faster, it also allows you to mix all of the concrete batch you need, to complete the process, rather than having to mix several small batches at a time. And, with our concrete mixers, you can choose the consistency settings, so that the mix is not too runny. Our mixers will also pour the concrete mix at a slow pace, so that you can perfectly align the poles in the holes you have dug.

Attach the fittings

Once the concrete has hardened, you will want to slide tension bands and end rails bands on the corner posts. The long flat surface should face outwards. This will provide stability for your fence, and a starting and ending point, for when you begin to install the chain links fence material. You can also run a tension wire at the base of the posts at this time; this will provide a stable base, and will keep the chain link fence in place. It will keep the fence standing erect at all times, and is a guarantee it won’t start to slump over after you install the chain link fence.

Nailing up the fence

The final phase is actually putting up the chain link fence. With an air nailer gun that we rent, you will find that the job is far easier and quicker to complete, plus it will provide a stronger foundation, for the chain link fence to stand. With our nail gun, a touch of a button is going to nail the fence to place, on the areas of the post you are nailing it on to. Depending on the height of the fence and posts, you can nail on anywhere from three to five nails on the post, to run the entire length of the post.

The nail gun is much stronger than using a hammer, or handheld staple gun; it produces more tension and force to eject the nails on to the post, which guarantees they are going to remain in place. And, with the nail gun, you can choose from a variety of different nail options, to put the fence up. Depending on the type of posts, and the thickness of the fence, there are thicker nails that you can use, in order to help keep the fence in place.

Fence ties

As an optional final step, you can place fence ties along the top of the line posts, to help keep the chain link fabric flat and secure. This will not only help keep things in place, it will also allow you to add one additional barrier, to help keep the fence in place, if you live in high wind areas or locations where wind or other weather conditions might cause damage to the fence.

The right tools

Building a chain link fence is not as difficult as you would expect, as long as you have the right tools. With our concrete mixers, nailer gun, and a heavy duty auger, you will find the job of installing a new fence, to be quite simple. It will take less time to do the job, because the tools will complete tasks in a fraction of the time. Using the right tools also means a sturdier base; with more power, these tools will help provide more tension, strength, and durability, so that wind or other weather conditions, won’t knock the fence down. The most time consuming aspect of the job, is waiting for the concrete to dry out, which is something you really can’t hurry along when you are building the new fence.

These simple steps will not only help you install a new chain link fence around the home, or a commercial property. When you are ready to begin the process, you need the right tools to help you complete the job. We provide a number of great products for you to choose from, and we guarantee the quality of the equipment you can find with us, is not only the best available for your DIY job, but is also equipment that will provide for a well built frame, when installing your new fence.