Cool Backyard Ideas

The backyard is one of the most social areas of the home. Whether you’re entertaining guests or enjoying summer fun with your family, it’s important that you yard be just as welcoming and relaxing as your home.

Cool Backyard Ideas - Northside Tool Rental BlogThese fourteen cool backyard ideas will give your space a unique, friendly ambiance without breaking your budget. Try out these exciting DIY backyard projects for fun features for the whole family.

1. Outdoor Chandelier
Elegant and energy efficient; what more could you ask for? This rustic, repurposed outdoor chandelier will brighten up your backyard and add a unique flair of style to any outdoor décor. The solar lights will light your backyard barbecues and parties without running up your energy bill, making this project for homey weddings, intimate dinner parties, and more. You can even personalize the chandelier with your own accents, from chimes to colorful beads.

2. Key Wind Chime
Recycle your old keys with this creative spin on a classic wind chime. With acrylic paint and a branch or piece of drift wood, you can create a charming accent piece for your backyard. This chime set is a perfect DIY starter for children, as its simple instructions and bright colors sparks their creativity. The short list of materials and quick construction will allow you to decorate your yard with style and simplicity.

3. Camping Grill
Save money on an expensive grill with this outdoor camping grill. This clever alternative will inspire true outdoorsmen and give your backyard a sense of down home simplicity. Easy clean up, no harsh gases, and budget-friendly for every backyard griller. Simply build a campfire beneath the grill or place over an existing fire pit for the perfect barbecue tool for any occasion.

4. Wine Bottle Tiki Torches
Keep the mosquitos away with these repurposed wine bottle citronella torches. This elegant party features and backyard barbecue accessories will keep your friends and family free of bug bites without ruining your backyard décor. You can even build a mounting bracket to place along your fence for safe, attractive bug repellants. Pro tip: rent your tools to save money on this DIY project.

5. Glow-in-the-Dark Planters
Light your garden with these Earth-friendly glow-in-the-dark planters. Simply paint your planters with this luminous paint to add a soft glow to your backyard. Line garden paths or place around the perimeter of your yard for a warm ambient light that guests and family will enjoy in every season. Functional in every way, these planters will fill your garden with both flowers and diffused golden light.

6. Mirrored Fence
Open up your backyard with these salvaged window mirrors. Hang along your fence for the appearance of a large, open yard. These fixtures will add a warm, rustic appeal to your décor, while remaining environmentally conscious and sustainable. Paint in a variety of colors for bold accents, or stick to fresh white for an airy openness.

7. Marbled Fence
Add a splash of color to your wooden fence with this creative marble project. Simply drill holes in the wood and snugly place marbles in the recesses. When the sun shines through the colored glass, the marbles will reflect colors over your yard for a vibrant, inspiring appeal. Rent your drill to save costs on this whimsical backyard project.

8. Reclaimed Wood Pathway
Repurpose old wood with this delightful garden walkway. Whether you’re recycling old furniture or shipping pallets, this path will be an attractive, unique addition to your garden. Stain or paint the wood to match your existing décor, or leave as-is for the perfect distressed look. For longer boards, rent a saw to shorten to your desired length without dipping too far into your DIY budget.

9. Outdoor Lounger
Shipping pallets are perfect for upcycling, and these outdoor lounge chairs are no different. Made from repurposed pallets, these comfortable and attractive loungers will be the perfect centerpiece to your relaxing backyard. Paint in coordinating colors or stain the wood for a warm, earthy look. Whether you’re sunbathing, reading a good book, or keeping your eye on the grill, you’ll love your new, custom lounge chairs.

10. Vertical Garden
Got an extra shipping pallet lying around? Update your greenery with a vertical garden from repurposed pallets. Perfect for herbs, flowers, and other small plants, this creative hanging garden will bring the beauty of a world wonder to your very own backyard. Its short supply list and fast assembly instructions will have you enjoying your new planter in no time.

11. Beer Cooler Patio Table
Make your next backyard gathering one to remember with this unique patio table. Designed with built-in, concealable beer coolers, this center piece combines convenience and style in one easy project. Fair warning: after your first dinner party, you’ll be receiving commissions for these tables left and right. Save on your project costs by renting your tools instead of making costly purchases.

12. Giant Scrabble Set
Have a little backyard fun with this giant Scrabble set. Perfect for board gamers of every age, this set will both engage your guests and inspire their admiration. From casual games with the family to Scrabble parties with friends, this set will be the perfect backyard feature for friendly gatherings.

13. Backyard Teepees
Create a little something for the kids with these clever backyard teepees. Simple to create, this project will allow your children to custom design their own tent for backyard fun and summer slumber parties. The creative construction won’t take away from the décor of your backyard, but will actually enhance the charm of your designs.

14. Salad Bowl Speakers
Get creative with these re purposed salad bowl speakers. Great sound, classic look, and perfect for any budget. Hang these budget-friendly speakers around your yard for surround sound music for any outdoor occasion. Ideal for backyard weddings, barbecues, and elegant outdoor parties.

These cool backyard ideas will spice up your outdoors for a unique, custom yard. For DIYers in the Atlanta area, consider Northside Tool Rental as your affordable tool alternative. Forget about buying tools you’ll only use once—rent them and save money on your project costs!