How To Grade A Yard

Learning how to grade a yard with a Bobcat, is not as difficult as one might think. In fact, learning how to operate one of these machines is quite simple, and within a day, you should be able to learn the basics of grading your yard and lawn.

Site preparation

Most local city municipalities will require you put up a silk fencing barrier, when using a Bobcat to grade your yard. This not only provides a safety measure for those who are working on the yard, but also for those who are walking around the area, especially if it is on a commercial site. Once the site is properly fenced in, you can then begin the grading process.

Clearing and grubbing

On some sites, grass and weeds are the only things that you have to remove before the grading process. In other areas, you might have to remove large rocks, thick brush, trees, and other debris. If you are dealing with plant material, you can generally remove these items with handheld equipment, which you can rent from Northside Tool Rental. If you have large gravel, debris, rocks, and other items, a mini bulldozer, or other excavator equipment, might be required to complete this part of the job. You can also rent these items with us, if you are looking for the highest quality equipment to get the job done.

Marking the area

If you are grading a commercial area, you might have to call underground dig alert, to ensure you can dig in the location. Even if you are working in the backyard, you should find out what is below ground prior to starting the grading process. This will allow them to check for wires, electric lines, and other underground dangers, prior to starting the job. Also, this will allow you to mark the area being graded with white chalk, as a precautionary measure.

Using the Bobcat

You will use the equipment to cut and shave irregularities, in order to get to the soil level you want to grade. The bobcat gives you more depth, stability, and a smoother surface to work with, when you are grading the soil. Using this piece of equipment is simple when grading a lawn, or any larger commercial space. The simple fact that it can excavate large plots of soil at a time, rather than having to use small handheld equipment, is going to cut the time it takes you to complete the job down quite a bit. Using the bobcat, you will also find that it is easy to maneuver, with the simplified controls, and easy directional guides when you are working on any plot of land.

Why use a Bobcat?

How to grade a yard - Bobcat - Northside Tool RentalThe answer to the question is quite simple. First off, it will cut the time it takes you to complete the job down considerably. With the larger equipment, as opposed to a small tiller, you will find that you have far more control for grading the soil, and will be able to move quickly when working on any plot of land. Whether it is your backyard, where you need to level the soil away from your home, to stabilize the foundation, or a commercial lot, where you will be building, the land and soil has to be properly graded. The Bobcat will help you do this task in less time, and will also allow you to grade the soil to the ideal depth, regardless of what you are working on, or what sized area you are working on with the equipment.

Soil for grading

Once you have fully graded the area, using the Bobcat, you will then have to use the right soil, in order to level the land you are working on. You can use a number of tools to lay down the new soil, over the area that you have graded. Once you have leveled the land, the new soil bed is going to provide an even slope, to ensure proper drainage, and to thwart off the possibility of flooding or water damage around a home, or other property where you have graded the land.

Why do you have to grade land?

Grading or leveling land is done, where there is no slope on the property, which will allow for drainage. If you do not have a slope near the home, it can cause flood damage around your home. If you own a plot of land where you are planning on building in the future, it has to be leveled, in order to ensure it is properly going to drain water, and help avoid flooding when it rains. Simply put, grading or leveling is done to help provide the proper slope on your land, so that flooding does not occur, and water damage does not ensue on the property in question.

Regardless of the area of land that you have to grade, you will find that using a Bobcat is the simple solution to working on larger plots of land at a time. Due to the fact that it is a larger, commercial grade piece of equipment, it is going to be able to cover more, in less time, than you would be able to do with tillers, or other hand tools. Not only is it going to cut the time of your work down, it is also rather easy to learn how to use these commercial pieces of equipment, even if you do not have the experience working on them.

When renting a Bobcat, and other equipment that you might need when grading land, it is important to rent from a trusted supplier, that carries the best equipment for your outdoor and your DIY jobs around the home. Not only do we carry the best equipment, we also guarantee great prices for the items that you rent with us. You want to do the job properly; we guarantee the best equipment and tools you need, for an affordable price, which will allow you to complete the task quickly, properly, and precisely, when you are grading your yard.