Six DIY Projects For Summer That Sizzle

Trying to think of fun and rewarding DIY projects for summer?  Here are six DIY projects for summer that will fit any skill level and budget.

Six DIY Projects For Summer That Sizzle

1. Build An Outdoor BBQ Grill  

This DIY project may seem difficult however, with a good, flat location and a simple design, even a beginner can create a permanent outdoor BBQ grill.  Look online or at your local library for easy to build outdoor BBQ plans. Build your BBQ with bricks or landscape pavers.   Consider renting a mortar mixer to make quick work of building your BBQ.

chair-741040_12802. Paint Outdoor Chairs In Bright Colors

Pick a bright, cheerful paint color for your chairs.  Paint all of your chairs the same color or make each chair a different color.  Be creative. Sand your chairs with sandpaper until the surface to be painted is smooth. With a damp rag, wipe your sanded chair clean.  Let your wood chair dry.  Apply paint to your chair using a paintbrush or paint sprayer.  Allow the paint to dry and add a second coat, if needed.


3. Build An Outdoor Movie Screen

Use a staple gun to attach white blackout fabric to 10-foot lengths of 2-inch x 4-inch wood. Screw an eye-hook into each side of the top of the planks of wood and tie roping to each in order to stabilize the screen. Stand each piece of wood up in a bucket and fill it with gravel. The stones are heavy enough to keep the screen in place. Move the buckets away from each other, stretching the fabric until the screen is taut.  Pull the anchoring ropes out to the side and attach them to tent stakes pounded into the ground. This ensures the screen is stabilized and secure.


lawn-327333_12804. Make Your Own Lawn Yahtzee Game

Start by sawing a 4×4 piece of wood into five square blocks. Sand each wood block smooth.  Paint each block with white paint.  Use black paint to paint each block with dots to make your outdoor dice.  Tip:  Using a round sponge brush will make painting dots a snap.  Following the dot pattern from a small dice, paint dots on each side to match the exact pattern.  Paint your dice in steps to allow the paint to dry on 1 side before you continue painting on the next.  Keep painting each side until your large wooden dice are complete.  Use a bucket to hold your over-sized wooden dice. When finished, go outside and have fun playing Yahtzee outdoors.


5. Tile The Top Of An Outdoor Table

Attach a piece of plywood, cut to fit the top of your table, using a drill and screwdriver.  Use individual tiles or small mosaic tiles that come in a sheet.  Dry fit your tile on your table and cut tiles to fit.  Next, spread tile adhesive on with a trowel and then place the tiles on the adhesive. Spread tile grout over the tile with a rubber float. Use the the rubber float to push the grout between the spaces in the tile. Wipe off some of the grout with a damp sponge right away.  Let the grout dry completely before using your table.


6. Build An Outdoor Shower

This is a great project for any skill level and budget.  You can really build an elaborate shower room or just a simple PVC frame with a shower curtain attached.  Decide where you are going to put your outdoor shower.  You can run new water lines to the location of your shower or have a plumber do it for you.  If your budget or skill level are not up to building an elaborate shower, build the outdoor shower near your water spigot for refreshing cold water showers, only.

Measure and lay out flat cement pavers for your shower floor. Add small smooth river rock to fill in between the paver tiles.  You can build privacy screens in a variety of ways, from a simple roll out bamboo screen that is supported by 2×4’s to a full cedar enclosure.  It all depends on your budget, skill level and time.  There are many methods for attaching the shower head to a garden hose.  The easiest way is to drill a hole in a 4 x 4 at the height that you want your shower head.  Run the hose up the back of the 4 x 4 and through the hole.  Attach the a shut-off valve to your hose and shower head.  Secure the shower head to the 4 x 4 post.

Need Help With Your DIY Project For Summer?

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