Westview Bungalow Uses Northside Tool Rental For Patio Project

Look What We Dug UP!

Blogs are a great way to discover design ideas, learn about a DIY project;  or even meet your neighbors and customers!  We were “digging” around the internet and found the local blog, Westview Bungalow. The blog features first-time homeowners that write about their lives and DIY projects. According to the blog owners;

Originally the blog was only focused on the renovation of the house, but as time has passed it has morphed to also include a lot on gardening, cooking, day trips, happenings in our neighborhood and more.

One marvelous DIY project that this busy couple completed was adding a brand new patio in their backyard. The project is featured in their blog post, QUICK PATIO UPDATE.  The patio’s design includes a stone retaining wall, a circular floor made with brick pavers, and a large number of beautiful plants.

Mantis tiller available from Northside Tool Rental

Tiller Used To Cultivate Flower Bed

The homeowners rented a tiller from Northside Tool Rental to make quick work of preparing their planting bed. Tillers are machines used to till up dirt in preparation for new plantings. Various sizes are available to rent from Northside Tool Rental depending on the size and scope of your project.

In describing the project steps, the blogger states:

… The next stop was to Northside Tool Rental to pick up a tiller. This was our first time renting from them, and the experience was very positive. I called ahead to make sure they had the tiller we wanted, and in no time we were busy tilling. We rented the Mantis, which I would highly recommend for projects of this size.

Rent A Tiller For Your Next DIY Project

The best time to tackle an outdoor project in your yard is the cool weather seasons of the year. In the Southeastern U.S., that means Spring and Fall. Renting a tiller for a few hours or for a weekend from Northside Tool Rental is simple and will make quick work in cultivating dirt for planting and hardscaping projects.  CONTACT US to rent a tiller for your next project.

We love “digging” up new product information and learning about successful DIY projects.  We are pleased that Northside Tool Rental was nearby to give this talented, young couple the equipment they needed for their project!