Choosing the Best Flooring For Your Home

New floors are one of the projects that can make homeowners sweat. There’s the measuring, the shopping, the color samples, and the seemingly infinite details that goes into choosing a new floor. Choosing the best flooring for your home doesn’t have to be hard! Let this guide point you in the right direction towards finding that perfect new floor for your home. Choosing the Best Flooring For Your Home As if re-flooring a room wasn’t a daunting enough task on its own, there are ... Read more

Tailgating Supplies at Northside Tool Rental

Fall is the time of year when coats and scarves are pulled out of storage, and the foliage turns all kinds of colors. Fall is also the time of year when many different sports seasons begin! Whether you follow baseball, hockey, football, or another sport, there will be plenty of opportunities to throw a tailgate party. If you’re planning a tailgate party and are looking for equipment rental, then check out the tailgating supplies at Northside Tool Rental! What Makes a Good ... Read more

How Long Does it Take to Build a House?

Atlanta’s population continues to grow, and the housing industry keeps growing with it. New houses and complexes are built throughout the year. If you’ve ever considered building your own lakeside retreat, or if you’re a DIY enthusiast, you may have wondered: exactly how long does it take to build a house? How Long Does it Take to Build a House? The length of time to build a house varies across the US. As of 2015, the Wall Street Journal reports that the average ... Read more

Tool Rental Company Comparison

We decided to take a look at how Northside Tool Rental service and pricing stacked up against the other tool rental companies. We think you’ll agree that Northside Tool Rental is the smarter choice the next time you need to use a tool and equipment rental service. Northside Tool Rental vs. Big Box Tool Rental Departments ✓ We take reservations - Big Box Tool Rental Departments does not. ✓ Our pricing and reservation system is online - theirs is not. ✓ We have an easy ... Read more
Construction Jobs Atlanta - Northside Tool Rental

Atlanta Construction Jobs

From 2010 through 2020, the demand for workers in construction jobs in Atlanta is predicted to increase by 5.04 percent, growing at a rate of roughly 2.49 percent every year. This means that over 1,100 new jobs will be created in the city in construction-related fields. Whether you're considering a career change or are getting ready to graduate from high school, a career in construction could provide you with steady income and room for advancement in the future. Read on to ... Read more