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Update 4/13/20: All locations are available for curbside pickup and delivery services. Our Gwinnett and Buckhead location operating hours are Mon. – Fri. from 7am – 5pm. Our Marietta and Doraville location operating hours are Mon. – Fri. from 7am – 5pm and Sat. 8am – 2pm. Stay Home. Build Something. Spring is finally here, and that means going outside to meet up with friends in large numbers aaaand...well, this year not so much. But that’s ok, it means you’ve got plenty of time ... Read more
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Fall is the Perfect Time for Deck Maintenance

Many decks are exposed to the elements all year round, so it might be time to give your deck a little love. The mild days of fall provide optimal conditions for deck maintenance and preparing your outdoor space for the colder months. The three broad categories of maintenance should include repairing, cleaning, and protecting. REPAIRING The first step is to fix any of the visible damage to the deck, especially cracked or rotting wood. Next check all the rails and planks to make ... Read more
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Exterior Cleaning Made Easy with a Pressure Washer

Exterior dirt and stains not only look bad, but they can cause damage over time. Do you ever just want to wave a magic wand to make everything clean and shiny? It's your lucky day! Your magic wand has arrived in the form of a pressure washer rental. Of course, using a pressure washer to tackle your exterior cleaning list does require a little knowledge and a little practice. Maybe it doesn't work exactly like a magic wand, but seeing the results ... Read more
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It is Spring Spruce Up Time for Atlanta Metro DIYers

When the temperatures warm up in Atlanta, the DIY bug starts biting! Spring is a great time for Atlanta Metro DIYers to spruce up your home and get the yard ready for outdoor entertaining and gardening. After all the cold and rain, you should have plenty of pent up energy to tackle the home improvement tasks on your list. With properly maintained tool and equipment rentals from NTR, you can finish each task quickly and safely. We literally have thousands of tools, ... Read more

It’s Time for a Workshop Update

We know you get a lot of use out of your workshop each year. But when is the last time you showed it some love? Whether you’re a weekend DIYer working in your garage or a professional working in a shop, an updated work space can help you get things done right the first time. It's time to stop neglecting your work space and give it a "fresh coat of paint" with these tips. Clean It Up When is the last time you ... Read more

Home Repairs That Can’t Be Put Off – Part 2

Rook leaks, foundation problems, and mold issues are the repairs that we discussed in Part 1 of home repairs that can't be put off. These are all areas of home repair where it can take very little time for a minor issue to become major damage. Unfortunately, there are some other areas that fall into the same category. Some problems just can't wait or you risk much bigger, costlier problems down the line. ELECTRICAL ISSUES Here are the signs of an overtaxed electrical system that ... Read more

Home Repairs That Can’t Be Put Off – Part 1

Life gets busy and sometime the "to do" list never becomes the "have done" list. We'd be willing to bet the farm that many of you have one or more home repairs on your to do list. Sometimes home repairs can be put on the back burner for a little while when life gets in the way. But there are a few areas of home repair that need to be addressed right away. If left unchecked, some of these repairs can rack ... Read more

Keep the Customer Happy During Home Renovation

According to the latest surveys, 58 percent of Americans were ready to pour money into home improvement projects in 2018. Kitchen and bathroom remodels still reign supreme at the top of the renovation wish list. With home renovation on the rise, as a contractor you may be called upon to provide work in occupied homes. This always come with unique challenges. Luckily, we have all the tips to keep you in your customer’s good graces during an occupied home renovation project. Home ... Read more
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Fall and Winter Energy Saving Tips

We have the strategies to help you save energy, save money, and stay comfortable during the cool fall and cold winter months. We promise those lower temperatures are coming! A typical American family spends nearly $2,000 per year on their home energy bills. Start with these fall and winter energy saving tips to bring that amount down. The savings from each individual tip might be small, but when you start putting them together they add up quickly! Energy Saving Tips Seal any exposed ... Read more
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Why Yes, it is All About the Curb Appeal!

Curb appeal is all about first impressions.  First impressions can be nearly impossible to reverse or undo. And all it really takes is a glance of about 3 seconds for someone to form a first impression of your home or business based on the outward appearance. So make a great first impression with these curb tips: Boost Your Curb Appeal Lawn: The simplest way to boost curb appeal is to have a well manicured lawn. Healthy looking, weed free trimmed grass, clean lines around walkways and ... Read more

Why Do You DIY?

Are you part of the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) movement? The DIY movement is growing every year, with no signs of slowing down. We find that there are just about as many reasons to DIY as there are DIYers! What is your motivation to DIY? To save money The freedom to add your own special touch or style To learn and develop new skills Feeling of satisfaction in completing a project on your own True enjoyment of the process To keep your mind and body ... Read more
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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Is it here? Has warm, spring weather finally arrived? Only time will tell. However, the time to think about spring home maintenance and improvements has definitely arrived! As you are tackling your spring cleaning and decluttering lists, don't forget now is a great time to perform a little home maintenance. We have put together a few spring home maintenance tips to help you get started. Check all concrete and asphalt driveways, pathways, and patios for cracks. The repeated freezing and thawing of ... Read more

4 Energy Efficient Strategies for New Homes or Remodels

Simple design features can make a big difference in the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Some energy efficient strategies require an increased upfront cost, but you should have a quick return on investment by decreasing utility bills. Energy Efficient Strategies Home Placement - Did you know the position and placement of your house in relation to the sun, wind and other surroundings can make a huge difference in your heating and cooling costs? A simple directional or design tweak can make the ... Read more