It’s Time for a Workshop Update

We know you get a lot of use out of your workshop each year. But when is the last time you showed it some love? Whether you’re a weekend DIYer working in your garage or a professional working in a shop, an updated work space can help you get things done right the first time. It’s time to stop neglecting your work space and give it a “fresh coat of paint” with these tips.

Clean It Up

When is the last time you cleaned your workshop – I mean REALLY cleaned it? To do a thorough cleaning job, you have to remove everything, discard what you no longer need, clean, and then put it all back. Getting things off the floor and out of the way will prevent you from tripping, and makes it easier for you to see and access your tools and equipment. Organization not only helps you find what you need faster, but it also helps you quickly notice when something’s missing, and gives you more room to work. It is a big job, but think of how much more efficiently you can work when the job is done. A Wet-Dry Vac can take a little bit of the sting out of this task.

Improve the Lighting

Consider replacing the fluorescent bulbs in your workshop with LEDs. By switching to LEDs, you’ll save money on electricity and eliminate the hassle of recycling fluorescent bulbs and replacing expensive ballasts. They also last twice as long as fluorescent bulbs and give you a brighter work area. Your eyes aren’t getting any younger!

Maintain Your Tools

Inspect them, clean them, sharpen them, lubricate them, and then store them properly. Your tools will thank you and you will thank yourself the next time you begin a project with properly maintained tools. It just makes life easier!

More Power

Make sure your workshop has enough power outlets to charge your tool batteries as well as power your corded shop tools. It’s safer to have too many outlets than not enough. Don’t risk tripping over extension cables laid across your garage floor.

Upgrade the Floor

Give the floor some love by installing a protective epoxy floor coating in just a few hours. An epoxy coating will resist oil stains, bead water, provide extra grip, and is easy to wipe clean.

Now who’s ready for a workshop update? Northside Tool Rental has the equipment you need to get the job done faster. We have the expertise you need to get all your questions answered. And we have the locally owned, small town service feel that will leave you smiling!