Keep the Customer Happy During Home Renovation

According to the latest surveys, 58 percent of Americans were ready to pour money into home improvement projects in 2018. Kitchen and bathroom remodels still reign supreme at the top of the renovation wish list. With home renovation on the rise, as a contractor you may be called upon to provide work in occupied homes. This always come with unique challenges. Luckily, we have all the tips to keep you in your customer’s good graces during an occupied home renovation project.

Home Renovation Job Site Tips
  • Set a schedule. Talk to the residents about their work/life schedules before work begins. Try to arrange an acceptable schedule that works well with their comings and goings. There are always delays or conflicts that will arise, but communicating everyone’s expectations up front is always appreciated.
  • Seal off construction free zones. The mess and the dust are inevitable, of course. But the more you can contain it, the happier your customer will be.
  • Keep tools and equipment where they belong. In a fully furnished, occupied home, tools and equipment should never be placed on surfaces that are not covered in protective drop cloths or layers of cardboard.
  • Take all breaks off site. Lunch breaks, nap breaks, especially smoke breaks should all be done off site and out of sight of the homeowner. Make arrangements for a portable toilet outside the home for all workers to use. Your client will appreciate the extra effort this takes.
  • Keep it professional. Dress for the job you are providing. Clients aren’t expecting a three-piece suit, but you do need to make sure all workers are sporting appropriate, clean attire each day.
  • Observe the volume. Construction sites are always loud, but there are a few things you can do to bring down the volume. Encourage the use of headphones for anyone wishing to work to music. Urge workers to take the time to communicate with one another face to face as opposed to yelling throughout the jobsite. Have everyone mind their language, especially if children are on site.

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