How To Care For Your Lawn Year Round

Keeping your lawn attractive and healthy year-round is a goal of most homeowners. Knowing how to take care of your lawn by performing routine upkeep tasks and using the correct tools will keep your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

How To Care For Your Lawn–Tips For A Greener LawnHow to Control Weeds in Flower Beds - Northside Tool Rental Blog

Wondering how to maintain a healthy, thick lawn throughout the year? The following lawn care routine tasks will keep your lawn healthy and looking great:

  1. Aerate: An aerator pulls plugs out of your soil. This helps loosen compacted soil and allows air and water to reach the roots. You want to aerate when your grass is at its peak growing season – late summer or early Autumn for cool-season grasses, or late spring for warm-season grasses. To learn more about aerating your lawn, click here.
  2. Seed/feed: Spreaders are used to distribute seed, fertilizer or lime evenly across the yard. Using a spreader to seed and feed your lawn will make this task quick, and easy. Spreaders are available in drop, broadcast, and hand-held styles for you to choose from. Follow the flow setting recommended by your grass seed or fertilizer manufacturer. The proper flow setting will be listed on the bag. Here’s a tip–Want to know how to use a broadcast spreader properly? Watch the easy to understand video located on our broadcast spreader page.
  3. Mow: Mowing your grass properly during growing season will keep your grass healthy. Regular mowing with a sharp mower blade is essential for reducing the need to collect clippings. It is important to mow your grass often enough so that no more than one-third of the vertical grass height is removed with each cutting. Increasing your regular mowing height by 1/2 inch during the summer can improve the lawn’s ability to tolerate stress, like extreme heat. Use a mower that best fits your lawn size and mowing needs.
  4. Trim: Using a weed eater will make is simple to cut grass in small and hard to reach areas in your yard. Our weed eater page includes a downloadable how-to guide and a video for easy to follow operating instructions.
  5. Edge: Edging your lawn and flower beds will give your lawn a neat, finished look. Edging will also help prevent lawn grass from invading flower and plant beds. If you are edging your lawn at the driveway or walkway use a lawn edger. Lawn edgers are used to trim grass at the edges. If you are creating a new border or edge or maintain a natural area in your yard, use a bed edger. Bed edgers are used to create definition between pine islands, or other installations, and the grass in the yard.


How To Care For Your Lawn–Yard Maintenance Tips

Now that you’ve put in the time and effort in to have a healthy and lush lawn, use these yard maintenance tools to keep your lawn debris free:

  1. Lawn Vacuum: Lawn Vacuums are used to pick up dry leaves and other debris in the yard. Vacuuming your yard in late winter and Autumn will keep your yard clean from debris and excessive grass clippings.
  2. Leaf Blower: leaf blowers can be used to clear walkways and driveways of grass clippings during grass cutting season. In late winter and Autumn season leaf blowers can be used to corral fallen leaves into neat piles for removal. Choose a leaf blower that will work best in the size of the area you will working in. Using a leaf blower that is too strong in a small area will scatter leaves and make it difficult to move leaves into a neat pile.
  3. Lawn Combers: Lawn Combers are used to pull the dead mulch from within grass blades. This process is sometimes referred to as, dethatching a lawn. Useful to open the ground to absorb water. A lawn comber is often used before aeration. If using a lawn comber is new for you, visit our lawn comber page where we have two helpful how-to videos.


How To Care For Your Lawn–Tool List By Season

Winter (late) Spreader, leaf blower, lawn vacuum, lawn comber
Spring Aerator, lawn comberleaf blower, lawn vacuum, mower, edger
Summer Mower, edger, lawn vacuum, leaf blower
Autumn Aerator, lawn comberspreader, mowerleaf blower, lawn vacuum, edger

Have questions or need help with how to maintain your lawn? Ask the lawn equipment experts at Northside Tool Rental! With 5 convenient locations in the Atlanta area, we can help you learn how to take care of your lawn all year long.