6 Important Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring is here, so thinking about your lawn is not such a distant future thought. The truth is that spring is the time of the year when the steady hum of lawnmowers fill the air all across the United States. Most American homeowners are extremely proud about their yards, spending over $6.4 billion each year on lawn care products and services (according to the Lawn Institute).

A healthy summer lawn will always start with spring maintenance. The reality is that winter can destroy your lawn by altering soil pH, compacting it and creating friendly conditions for weeds to flourish. This is why it is of paramount importance to properly clean, mow and fertilize your yard right after the winter fades away. In order to do that properly, you need to be aware of the following 6 spring lawn care tips.

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1. Check your Soil Health

First off, you need to check the status of the soil. Test it to determine its acidity and nutrient levels. There are four big testing methods: the squeeze test, the percolation test, the worm test and the pH test.

2. Clean and Repair your Lawn

The next thing you should do in order to make sure your lawn is ready for the hot season is the cleaning process. If your lawn is already properly maintained, all you have to do is fix some small problems such as uneven ground or soil compaction. In order to solve the first issue, simply grab a shovel and start cutting down the elevated areas. Moreover, try to fill in those that are depressed in order to even up your lawn. To deal with soil compaction, you should use an aerator to remove all small plugs of soil in your lawn.

3. Plant Grass

When it comes to planting grass in the spring, you need to know that this is a mandatory step for a flawless lawn. Once your lawn is cleared and repaired, you might have to reseed some parts of it which are brown or bare. To do that, start by calling your local Cooperative Extension office in order to require for a soil test. The test will show what nutrients your lawn is lacking. After you have improved your soil composition, aerate the ground in order to avoid potential soil compaction problems.

Next, it is time to spread the seed on your lawn. Make sure you choose the right type of seeds that work best in your region. You can use a broadcast spreader if you want to spread the seeds over a large area. On the other hand, smaller areas can be easily seeded by hand.

After the grass is planted, water it regularly in order to maintain soil moisture.

4. Grass Fertilizing

One of the most important spring lawn care tips is grass fertilizing. Fertilizing encourage grass growth and discourages weeds. Before choosing the right combination of fertilizers and herbicides to apply, talk to a professional who can recommend you exactly what your lawn needs.

5. Mowing

One of the most complex tasks is mowing. When mowing, you need to take into consideration two aspects: frequency and height. It is recommended to cut your grass at the tallest height possible. For example, the bermudagrass should be cut at 1-2 inches, the fescue 2-3 inches, the Kentucky bluegrass 2-3.5 inches, Zoysia at 0.5-1 inch and St. Augustine at about 3 inches.

You should mow your lawn on a regular basis (every 6 weeks) because you need to remove only the top 1/3 length of the blades. You can let the clippings there, because this organic matter is very good for the soil.

6. Equipment Maintenance

Lastly, you need to make sure all of your lawn and garden tool are well taken care of. Most of these machines are typically gasoline powered, so they can be cleaned using the following simple steps:

  • Remove any leftover gasoline.
  • Disconnect the spark plug.
  • Remove the blades.
  • Drain the oil.
  • Clean the equipment.
  • Replace the air filters.
  • Replace the spark plug if necessary.

The Bottom Line

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