Atlanta Home Landscaping Ideas

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home and want to build your dream landscape, or you’ve lived in your home for years and want a change, hundreds of home landscaping ideas are available. Atlanta is an excellent climate for most plants to grow, so there is no shortage of choice on the type of plants you can feature! If you’re stumped on which direction to go, or looking for some inspiration, check out some of our landscaping ideas.

Wildlife-Friendly Home Landscaping Ideas

Natural wildlife is a great compliment to any home’s garden. Birds and butterflies are welcome visitors, and attractive to watch. You’ll also help the local wildlife find food and shelter if they have been displaced from their natural habitat by construction.

Butterfly Gardens are an attractive addition to any landscape. The flowers that butterflies like come in a variety of shapes and colors. In the spring, you’ll have plenty of visitors!

Bird Houses and Bird Feeders provide food and shelter to your winged neighbors. Feeders are especially important in the winter, when food is difficult for them to find. Houses are useful in the spring when birds are nesting, offering a safe place for chicks to hatch and grow!

Atlanta Home Landscaping Ideas - Northside Tool Rental BlogWater Features, such as fountains, ponds, or bird baths, are eye-catching additions to your landscape. In addition, you’ll provide a source of water for animals, which is crucial during the hottest days of the summer!

Deer-Resistant Landscapes

Deer are a perennial issue in Atlanta, especially in the suburbs. Your new and carefully-planted bed of pansies is their buffet! No landscape is deer-proof unless you have an extremely tall fence. While deer will eat just about anything if needed, they do have preferences. By planting a landscape or garden with plants that they will not like, you can discourage them from coming around.

Deer generally stray away from herbs, strong-smelling flowers, ferns, and prickly plants. There are plenty of deer-resistant plants to choose from and still keep your landscape looking great!

Entertainment-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

If you’re big on entertaining friends or family, there are many home landscaping ideas to host gatherings.

Fire Pits are usable year-round, and a great place for conversations. You can easily make a fire pit the central feature of your landscape, or place it to complement a larger design.

If you plan to add stonework into your landscape, consider incorporating a Giant Checkerboard directly into the design. Not only is this a unique feature, it will provide entertainment for your guests and their children!

More Ideas for Unique Lawns

Just as there are hundreds of lawns in the Atlanta area, there are hundreds of home landscaping ideas. Everyone’s yard is different! Here are some ideas for unique setups.

Shaded Landscapes: If your property is shaded by heavy tree cover, it may seem impossible to plant a thriving landscape of any kind. This is not farther from the truth! Many colorful flowers like Begonias, Amethyst Flowers, and Hydrangeas bloom in the shade. Broad-leafed Hostas, Copper Plants, and Coleus add both texture and color to your shaded landscape. It may take a little extra planning, but a shaded landscape can have just as attractive an appearance as a full-sun setup.

Small Spaces: Not everyone has acres of land to stretch out their dream design. Fortunately, many plants thrive in pots! You can design miniature landscapes in individual planters. Plus, you have the flexibility of elevating smaller plants to give them more eye-catching power. Not only will your plants look attractive, you can pick and choose the containers to best compliment your home.

Front Tine Tiller - Northside Tool RentalUrban Farmer: You don’t have to own a huge plot of land to grow your own produce. Many vegetable plants do well in pots, like tomatoes, leeks, lettuce, and peppers. Raised beds are a great option for larger crops like corn, watermelon, squash, and pumpkin. Beans, peas, and grapes love trellises, and are very attractive climbers. The key is finding the right container for the vegetables you want to grow! You can enjoy fresh, home-grown produce all summer long.

Northside Tool Rental and Your Home Landscaping Ideas

Northside Tool Rental has all the tools and equipment you need for your home landscaping project. We’ve got a full line of lawn and garden equipment for any project you have in mind! Whether you need to grind a tree stump to install stone or need a tiller for your garden, we’ve got everything to make your Do-It-Yourself dream a reality!