Bermuda Lawn Care

Bermuda grass is one of the best choices for your lawn, in sunny, warm climate regions. But, what about the times of year when the sun is not out, or the temperature dips lower than normal; or, what if you have this grass installed in regions it isn’t typically laid down in? With the right equipment, and with the right maintenance care tips, you will find that Bermuda lawn care and maintenance is not as difficult as you may expect it to be.

Bermuda Lawn Care - Northside Tool Rental

Mowing the lawn

When it comes to Bermuda lawn care, most people believe that mowing Bermuda grass, is the most difficult task. This is not the case; the problem comes when people use the wrong mower, to maintain their lawn. This type of lawn should be reduced to a height of one to one and a half inches at most. Most mowers can’t cut this low, without scalping the grass. So, when it comes to mowing this type of grass, you are going to want to use a reel mower. Even though the reel mower is a bit pricier, it is the only way to truly maintain the desired length, without scalping the lawn. Not only will our mowers produce that even, golf course like look, but they are also more powerful, and feature various settings, allowing you to reduce the amount of time it takes you to mow your lawn.

Properly watering the lawn

When your Bermuda lawn grass is in need of water, the blades will actually bow down a little. It is one of the most drought resistant types of grass, and for this reason, only requires watering once or twice a week. By watering it only once a week, this forces the grass to work to the natural reserves, towards the roots of the grass, which will force it to grow in healthier and greener when the grass begins to grow in. It is important however to put down a sufficient amount of water, if you plan on only doing so once a week. With this type of grass, six inch depth is sufficient to promote deeper root growth, which is necessary to promote a richer, healthier lawn. When it comes to Bermuda lawn care, a simple way to check the depth of the water is to place a screwdriver down in to the soil; if it sinks about six inches, without difficulty, there is sufficient water in your lawn.

Aerating the lawn

Aerating your lawn should be done once a year; basically, the process involves pricking thousands of mini holes over the entire lawn area. By aerating the Bermuda lawn, it allows the nutrients to get down deeper in to the roots, so as to ensure the lawn grows in as healthy as it possibly can. A core aerator is the simple solution to this process; otherwise you would spend days having to go over the entire lawn, poking small holes to help with nutrient enrichment. You should aerate the lawn in both directions, to ensure you get as much area as possible, and to ensure it is properly maintained, and has sufficient breathing room. Using an aerator is the ideal way to complete this process that should be done annually. We not only carry a number of aerators for you to choose from, we carry the best brand names, and high quality products, to ensure the job is done properly. Using our aerators for Bermuda lawn care, will help reduce the amount of time you are outdoors working on the lawn, and will also guarantee the best finish possible, when completing this task once a year.

Fertilizing your lawn

When possible, you should use a slow fertilizer for your Bermuda lawn. In order to lay the fertilizer over the lawn, there are a number of tools you can use for the process. A spray nozzle hose is one such option; it is simple to use, and allows you to evenly lay down the fertilizer, over the entire lawn evenly. Small spreading trucks are also available for larger lawns, and for commercial size areas, the use of commercial grade equipment will make the task of spreading fertilizer far easier. Regardless of the equipment used to spread this slow release fertilizer, you have to rent it from a trusted tool rental company. We don’t carry the fertilizer but we do rent the tools and equipment you will need, to lay it down over your lawn.


Although they are not a common problem with Bermuda lawn, the two main reasons for weed development is drought or lack of sunlight. With Bermuda grass, you are likely in a sunny region, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Drought is possible, especially if you are only watering once a week. If you notice weeds in your lawn, there are pre and post emergency weed control products you can purchase. If you notice the lawn is a bit dried out, but weeds have not yet developed, a pre-emergence solution is the ideal option. If you haven’t properly cared for the lawn, and notice weeds have already sprouted up, a post-emergence solution might be the ideal option. Regardless, using the same hose spray or spreading trucks, will allow you to cover the lawn in a short period of time, and help eliminate the weed build up that has taken place over your lawn.

Bermuda lawn care and maintenance, is not nearly as complex as it is with other types of grass; however, this doesn’t mean you can entirely ignore the lawn. So long as you follow these simple tips, you will find that your lawn grows in healthily, looks good, and will thrive. Proper mowing is possibly the most important factor, so purchasing the right reel mower, is the best way to ensure an even, scalp free lawn.

When renting this, or other lawn care equipment and tools, we carry a variety of tools and equipment to choose from. Not only for your Bermuda lawn care and maintenance, but for all outdoor growing, planting, and work that you need to do on your lawn and yard space.