DIY Lawn Care Tips

Caring for your lawn has become a necessity in the visually-appealing world we live in. Having a clean and nice-looking lawn is a mark of pride for most homeowners today. A beautiful, natural-looking lawn is certainly an integral part of a modern home.

When you consider your landscaping options, you might wonder if whether you should hire a professional lawn care or simply try your own luck and do it by yourself. If you choose the latter option, the good news is that things are not as complicated as it seems. In this article you will discover some easy-to-apply DIY lawn care tips that will help you do a great job without calling for a professional. Obviously, you will save money by going with this option and you will also get a sense of accomplishment for being able to complete a project like this on your own.

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Some of the most important diy lawn care tips you should do in order to ensure your lawn looks brand new include mowing, fertilizing, aerating, grub control, watering, seeding and soiling.

Lawn Mowing Tips

When and how your lawn is mowed is of paramount importance, because it has a huge impact of the visual quality of your property. First of all, remember to never remove more than 1/3 of the maximum leaf blade height. If your lawn is under stress (visible foot prints and grayish silver color), you should refrain from mowing it.

Another important aspect you need to keep into consideration is the mowing height. The mowing height should change by season. A mowing height of about 3 inches is ideal for most seasons, except the summer, when grass grows faster. The mowing height should be raised to 3 inches during summer. Make sure the blade is sharp enough in order to get maximum benefits for your lawn.

Watering Tips

An average lawn needs at least 1 inch of water per week in order to have a healthy and appealing appearance. Each irrigation system is different, but normally you should turn it on twice per week for half an hour. Under low rainfall conditions, irrigation frequencies have to be increased.


The best period of the year for aerating is in September and October. However, you can also do it in April. This procedure looses up compacted soils, allowing the lawn to easily absorb air, nutrients and water inside. You can choose between two types of aerators: the plug aerator and the poking one. While the former pulls out small plugs reaching deep inside at the base of the roots, the latter pokes holes in your lawn.


The best time to apply the fertilizer is right after the aerating. Fertilizing is extremely good for your lawn because it allows it to stay healthy during the long winter period. Look for a weed-and-feed type of product from a top-quality brand.


Usually, a combination of ryegrass, bluegrass and chewings fescue is the best choice for any lawn. However, you can also go for a leaf fescue or bluegrass mixture. A good tip is to locate the best looking-lawn around your neighborhood and try to find out from the owner what grass does he use. Bermuda and St. Augustine are also two very popular choices.

Planting new grass is not such a complicated thing to do. Follow these tips and you will be able to enjoy a fresh and clean lawn that will certainly become famous in the neighborhood:

  1. Aerate the soil.
  2. Spread the seeds evenly. You can either use a seed spreader for an extended area or do it by hand for backyard lawns.
  3. Cover the seeds with a layer of soil. You can purchase pre-treated soils that provide enough nutrients to help new grass grow.
  4. Water. Try not to overwater the soil, neither to water too little.


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