Lawn and Garden Equipment: Atlanta’s Favorite Outdoor Tool Rentals

Taking care of your lawn and garden can be a source of pride and satisfaction. Atlanta is the home of many beautiful lawns and lush, bountiful gardens. What do you use to keep your outdoor living spaces looking great?

Lawn and Garden Equipment Atlanta - Northside Tool Rental

While you can maintain your lawn or garden with everyday implements, sometimes you need a special tool or piece of equipment for a big project, or a certain type of maintenance that isn’t required very often. That’s why Northside Tool Rental makes it easy to find and use what you need, with affordable rentals and no deposit required.

Here are some of Atlanta’s favorite lawn and garden equipment types to rent.


Aerating is the process of perforating the soil in your lawn, which lets air, water, and nutrients reach the grass roots—ultimately giving you a stronger, healthier lawn. In Atlanta, the best time to aerate your lawn is during the late fall or early winter.

Northside Tool Rental provides several aerator rentals, from the standard 18-inch model to the wider 26-inch, as well as towable lawn aerators that attach to your riding lawnmower.

Pruners and poles

Keeping your trees and bushes in shape is a matter of trimming and pruning as needed. This isn’t a chore that must be done often, so most people choose to rent the equipment they need to keep lawn topiaries looking great.
At Northside Tool Rental, we have a wide variety of lawn and garden equipment for Atlanta tree trimming. We offer manual and pole-style pruners, pole hedge shears, and pole saws—both manual and chainsaw style, for any type of outdoor job.

Wood chippers

If you’re knocking down trees or trimming branches, you’re going to need a way to take care of all that wood. A wood chipper or limb chipper lets you transform lawn debris into wood chips—which you can then reuse as mulch for your lawn.
Our 6-inch and 12-inch limb chippers are available to help you out with clearing projects small and large. For big jobs with lots of trees, we also have log splitters available.


Whether you’re growing new grass or fertilizing your existing lawn, spreaders help you distribute your lawn products evenly and quickly for great growth. There’s a spreader rental for every type of yard, from handheld rotary style spreaders for small lawns to broadcast and drop-type spreaders when you’re covering a lot of ground.

Garden tillers

There’s nothing like the first gardening session of the year! Garden tillers let you get your soil ready for a wonderful, productive garden. There are many different types of these popular garden tools—front tine and rear tine, gas- and electric-powered, and light, medium, or heavy duty. Whatever type of garden tiller you need, you’ll find it at Northside Tool Rental.