Northside Tool Rental’s Easy Guide on How to Edge a Lawn

Edging a lawn may seem like a very trivial task in the long list of regular lawn maintenance. You might wonder how a small line between pavement and grass can make any difference at all. The truth is that a defined edge improves both the health and appearance of your lawn.

Why Edge My Lawn?

Edging actually reduces the amount of time you spend on lawn maintenance. The border between the lawn and surrounding pavement, garden beds, or natural landscaping will create a barrier between the roots, and keep invasive lawn grasses and weeds out. You won’t need to spend hours bent over on hands and knees, digging out those pesky weeds.

A clear definition around your lawn will also improve your house’s curb appeal. Your lawn will look like it’s maintained by a professional crew without the cost! Likewise, a properly edged lawn can be mown easily, with no need to go back and trim the overhang afterwards.

What kind of Tool Options Are There?

There are several types of tools you can use to edge your lawn.

Manual Edger: These are very basic edgers, and are great options if you want a workout! They are also better for making flowing curves in landscaped lawns. There are two types.

Wheeled: The blade is attached to a pair of wheels at the bottom of the stick. The faster you move the stick, the better the blade works.

Non-Wheeled: The blade is shaped like a large half-moon, and resemble a flattened shovel blade. There is a lip near the top of the blade in order to ensure an even, uniform cut.

Motorized Stick Edger: This edger is similar to a manual stick edger, except that it is motorized, and the blade is not directly attached to the wheel. The wheel is for guidance and an even edge. It may take a bit of practice, but you can make a very accurate and thorough line. Many models offer a bevel option so you can even adjust the angle of your edge. These types of edgers can be either gas or electric.

Walk Behind Edger: This edger is the easiest type to use. It looks something like a very small lawnmower with long handles. The wheels and blade are adjustable to your preference. It is easy to achieve an even and accurate edge. These types of edgers are gas or electric powered.

Northside Tool Rental offers both Stick Edgers and Walk Behind Edgers when it’s time for you to work on your lawn!

How to Edge a Lawn

Whether you have chosen to use a stick or walk behind edger, the process is basically the same. While both motorized types are more efficient than manual, they may not be as accurate on curves. Using both motorized and manual will optimize your lawn’s appearance.


  1. Get familiar with your electric or gas edger, and adjust the wheels, blade height, or blade angle if necessary.
  2. Position the blade of the edger so it rests between the concrete and the edge of the grass, and the wheel or guide is on the concrete. Everyone’s preference is different, but most lawn edges are 90 degrees.
  3. Start your edger and go slowly. Make sure to keep the edging tool as level as possible. It’s important for you to keep your arms steady, and allow your body to adjust to any dips or curves in the landscape, in order for the straightest cut possible.
  4. Take your time! Both stick and walk-behind edgers are powerful, so it’s easy to want to speed through the process. However, blazing through will mean you’ll need to come back and fix problem spots. With some practice, you’ll soon be able to make one run and achieve a clean look on the first try!
  5. Use a manual edger for the curved portions of your lawn, if applicable. If you’re using a wheeled edger, follow the steps above. If you’re using a non-wheeled edger, all you’ll need to do is drive the blade into the soil to the lip, like a shovel. Keep the blade at a 90 degree angle, and then pull the handle back in order to dig the trench.


Before too long, your lawn will have a nice and clean, manicured appearance that the neighbors will envy!

Want to know more about how to edge a lawn?

Lawn Edging may take a little bit of time, but it’s a very cost effective way of keeping your lawn weed-free and looking great. Whether you’re looking for motorized or manual tool options, we’ve got you covered. Visit or call us today!