Tips for Lawn Maintenance Atlanta

A lush green lawn that is inviting to the eyes creates a positive mood in any environment. It has the power to transform space and create a remarkable ambiance. This is a sure way to landscape your backyard or front yard. However, beautiful lawns do not come automatically; you must lay out certain maintenance guidelines; and follow through to achieve this vital goal. Some people will opt to hire lawn maintenance experts while others will choose to do it themselves. Employing a DIY approach will not just save you money; but it will give you the power to transform your own space. Having said this, if you do not use the best practices for lawn maintenance, your efforts might not yield desired results. In this regard, the following information will give you step by step guide on how best to maintain your lawn. With these tips, you can be sure to be on top of your game; for excellent results.

Lawn maintenance is much more than mowing; it is about soiling, seeding, fertilizing, aerating, watering, grub control and much more. When all these elements are done to precision, you are on your way to success.

Lawn mowing guidelines

First, consider whether your lawn needs mowing. If your lawn is dull and uneven with clear foot prints; it does not need mowing. The rule of thumb is never to remove more than a third of the leaf blade height. For unhealthy lawns, a different cause of action is needed. Mowing will determine the appeal of the space; and you do not want to cause more damage.

The height of mowing should always be dictated by the season. For example, grass grows much faster during summer; and at this time, mowing of a little more than 3 inches can be done. However, during other seasons, 3 inches is ideal.

The sure way to get perfect mowing results is to make sure that your blades are kept as sharp as possible. In addition, consider the appearance of your lawn and see how well you can logically mow to attain an even look. With this respect, it is crucial to engage all your senses to solve simple mowing problems in your lawn.


Aerating the soil in your lawn is pivotal for the following reasons. It allows the lawn to breathe air and absorb vital nutrients. It enables water to spread easily as well as loosening hard soils that can hinder the grass growing process. In Atlanta, April, September and October are ideal months to implement aeration. To ensure that aeration is effective, use a plug aerator and a poking aerator. A plug aerator is effective in pulling the soil from deep set roots and providing an even soil that is well aerated. The poking aerator will poke holes so that air can also be spread evenly. These tools are highly essential for good practice lawn maintenance Atlanta.

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After lawn aeration, applying a fertilizer as the next step is pivotal. A fertilizer will sustain the soil; even through winter to retain the integrity of your lawn. Finding a good brand that is suited to your needs is the key.


This involves getting the ideal grass seeds and planting them. To know which the best lawn grass is, look around and get inspired. Some of the most popular choices for lawns in Atlanta include bluegrass, ryegrass, chewing fescue, Bermuda; and others. You can plant any type of lawn you wish as long as it can grow under the circumstances. Be creative and look into excellent options.


With one inch of water per week, your lawn should remain healthy. If it is dry, watering more is essential; make sure to water when the sun has gone down for effectiveness. Otherwise, watering twice a week for about 30 minutes will keep your lawn rejuvenated.

The best time for mowing is when the grass is not too icy or wet. Fertilizers to be applied will depend on the condition of the soil so that a perfect balance can be reached. Do not water the lawn too much when it does not need it. These and other tips will work together to create the luxurious landscape that you desire in your home or space.

As mentioned in the article, there are various tools and machinery that will come into play to give you the right results. Buying these tools and equipment can be expensive; but the good news is that you can rent them whenever you need them. Northside Tool Rental has the answer to all your lawn care tools needs in the Metro Atlanta area. Simply visit and make your lawn care easier.