Walk-Behind Brush Hog Rentals

Grass and weeds in Georgia summers can grow what seems like a foot per day. While this is an exaggeration, it only takes a few weeks for fields to become overgrown.

Walk-Behind Brush Hog Rentals - Northside Tool RentalWhen it’s time to clear that field, whether for aesthetics or for the small farm plot you’ve always wanted, the average lawn mower isn’t going to do the trick. You’re also not about to sharpen up that antique scythe in the attic!

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution. Northside Tool Rental offers walk-behind brush hog rentals which will clear any field, yard, or undergrowth with ease.

Brush Hog, Walk-Behind Brush Hog/Brush Mower, or Brush Cutter?

There are three types of brush cutters for clearing fields, and they all have their specific uses.

  • Brush Hogs: These machines are large, and need to be towed behind a truck, tractor, or 4×4. They feature a thick and dull blade, which may seem strange. In reality, the sturdy blade stands up to any rocks or roots, and the centrifugal force chops down both small saplings and thick brush with ease. Brush hogs are ideal for large areas.
  • Walk-Behind Brush Hogs/Brush Mowers: These machines can go by two names: “Walk-Behind Brush Hogs”, and “Brush Mowers”. much like a cross between a lawn mower and a brush hog. They are either push along or self-propelled. Their blades are heavy, like those in a brush hog’s, and similarly use momentum to chop down thick brush. Some models can even cut down bushes and saplings. Walk-behind brush hogs are perfect for smaller fields, or if you don’t have a tractor.
  • Brush Cutters: These machines resemble weed eaters, except that they feature the option of a brush blade instead of a string. Even with the brush blade, these machines are best for small areas with lighter growth. They may be able to cut down some small saplings or bushes, but won’t be effective for dense growth. They are most practical for detailed work where brush hogs or walk-behind brush hogs can’t reach.

Uses for Walk-Behind Brush Hogs in Atlanta

Brush cutters are usually used to clear overgrown fields. However, they can be used for a variety of projects. For instance, they can be used to clear any after-season crops.

If you have a walled area in your yard which you’re trying to clean up for new landscaping, a walk-behind brush hog is a great option to cut through that growth!

Many Atlanta properties have shaded lawns, or natural landscaping which takes advantage of undergrowth’s natural beauty. A walk-behind brush hog is the perfect tool if it’s time to change that look and clean up the jungle in your back yard.

How to Use a Walk-Behind Brush Hog

If you’ve never used a walk-behind brush hog, and are looking for some instruction, check out our handy video.

Our walk-behind brush hogs are all gas powered, and take regular unleaded fuel. The setup is very similar to a lawnmower. Each brush hog has a pull cord to start the machine, and a choke. The choke is a ring which needs to be pulled out while starting the engine, and pushed in to use the machine.

The throttle increases engine power or shuts off the engine, while a parking brake secures the brush hog when not in use.

Each unit features a transmission lever. You must engage the transmission in order to move the machine either forward or in reverse.

Convenient hand levers help speed along your project. The right-hand lever controls the brush hog’s direction – forward or reverse. The lever on the left engages the blade.

Our units are self-propelled. There is a speed control knob on the machine so you can customize how fast the brush hog moves.

Check out the specs, including pricing, on our walk-behind brush hog here.

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