How to Build a Small Greenhouse

Greenhouses are a great addition for any gardener’s arsenal. They keep tender plants safe from deer, rabbits, and other pests, and provide the perfect environment for plants to grow throughout the year. There are many different types of DIY greenhouses ranging from plastic to glass, domed to lean-to, walk-in to tabletop, indoor or outdoor, and many more. You can easily spend hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars on a prefabricated greenhouse. Save money and build a custom-order greenhouse that’s perfect for ... Read more

How to Build a Bed

Beds are a part of everyone’s daily life, bookending everyone’s day in blanket-wrapped comfort. There are hundreds of possible styles of beds, and thousands of possibilities for surrounding room decor. How To Build A Bed Building a bed frame may seem like a thing of the past. Not so! Building a bed frame not only builds or exercises your woodworking skills, it allows you the creativity and freedom to create the bedroom masterpiece you’ve always wanted. Before You Build a Bed... Before you start sawing ... Read more

Preparing Your Garden or Landscape for Winter

Although many gardeners may wish that spring and summer were endless, giving beautiful flowers and generous edibles throughout the year, the truth is that winter is unavoidable. The bulbs and flowers which you spent hours planting, the shrubberies you encouraged to grow strong, and the lawn which you tended daily will all wither and fade. In truth, while the leaves of your plants may have dried and dropped off, there is just as much going on under the soil during winter as ... Read more

How to Remove a Tree Stump

It’s happened to even the most diligent of homeowners: after prolonged heavy rains, an ice storm, or high winds, a tree falls over and needs to be removed. Cutting the tree trunk and dragging it away is labor-intensive, but straightforward and can be done in an afternoon. Tree stumps, on the other hand, can be tricky. Learn how to remove a tree stump in order to save yourself both time and money! Why Remove a Tree Stump? Tree stumps are notoriously challenging to remove ... Read more

When to Plant Springtime Bloomers

Although Christmas is just around the corner, spring will be here before you know it! Many gardeners have known what they’ll plant since last season. Others take their time with a new design, carefully researching types of plants and flowerbed arrangements. Some gardeners go to the nursery when it’s spring and ‘wing it’, waiting to see what catches their eye. One type of plant which can’t be planted at the last minute are flowering bulbs. Knowing when to plant springtime bloomers in ... Read more

How to Install New Cabinets

Cabinets are wonderful to have in the house, and there are plenty of reasons to have some around! Kitchen cabinets keep your counter space clear for your cooking experiments. Their bathroom counterparts are great for storing towels, toilet paper, and more. Garage-based installations are essential for the home builder, mechanic, or gardener. Homes and apartments usually come with cabinets already installed. However, they may need replacing due to age or aesthetics. Sometimes there simply aren’t cabinets in the space desired. How To Install ... Read more

DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are just around the corner, and many people are taking to the stores to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, then one great way to exercise your creativity and have fun is to build gifts for your friends and family! Few things show care and consideration like a handmade gift. DIY Holiday Gift Ideas There are thousands of DIY Holiday gift ideas, all available with just a few mouse clicks. Here are just a ... Read more

How to Build a Tool Shed

One thing about tools is that they somehow manage to multiply. In January they fit nicely into your toolbox, but by July they’re overflowing out of the toolbox and into the rest of your storage space. If you’re a weekend DIY warrior, and a cabinet of scattered, disorganized tools sounds like you, then you may want to consider a tool shed! Prefabricated tool sheds can be expensive. Fortunately, building a tool shed of your own isn’t difficult and can save you money. ... Read more

Automotive Tool Rentals at Northside Tool Rental

Repairing or restoring your own vehicle is a challenging but highly rewarding activity. You can easily save costs and do the job the way you want. Plus, you get bragging rights too! There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of doing vehicle maintenance yourself. Whether you're a longtime patron or brand new to Northside Tool Rental, you may be familiar with our extensive home and garden equipment. But did you know we rent automotive tools? If you’ve got the tools but not the heavy ... Read more

Tailgating Supplies at Northside Tool Rental

Fall is the time of year when coats and scarves are pulled out of storage, and the foliage turns all kinds of colors. Fall is also the time of year when many different sports seasons begin! Whether you follow baseball, hockey, football, or another sport, there will be plenty of opportunities to throw a tailgate party. If you’re planning a tailgate party and are looking for equipment rental, then check out the tailgating supplies at Northside Tool Rental! What Makes a Good ... Read more
Fall Yard Decorating Ideas - Northside Tool Rental

Fall Yard Decorating Ideas

As summer comes to a close, the colors and scents of fall are unmistakable. Leaves turn all types of vibrant hues as the weather cools, while apples, pumpkins, and corn appear at every store. When the summer decor goes back into the closet until next season, it’s time to look at some fall yard decorating ideas. Fall Yard Decorating Ideas There are so many possibilities when it comes to decorating your yard for fall. Just about every store will have a seasonal aisle ... Read more

How to Remove Tile Without Any Fuss

Tile is a beautiful flooring option for bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, and more. It comes in many sizes, shapes, and colors, and can be laid in any number of patterns and arrangements. However, whether for cosmetic reasons or for repairs, your tile may need to be replaced! You’ll first need to learn how to remove tile before installing your new flooring. Stripping a Floor vs. Removing Tile Flooring First, you may notice that a quick internet search shows different machines and methods when you ... Read more
How to Make a Flower Bed - Northside Tool Rental

How to Edge Flower Beds Like A Pro

Edges on flower beds give any landscape a crisp and clean look, although after you’ve dug up old plants, spread new dirt and tilled the soil, dug more holes, and finally planted new flowers, the last thing you want to think of is more work! Even if you have a long-established garden, an edge on your flower bed can help the health and appearance of your plants. Edges on flower beds will help keep weeds and grass out, saving you extra work ... Read more

Renting Tools from Northside Tool Rental Is Easy

While owning your own construction equipment might seem handy for your weekend projects, there are plenty of reasons to rent. Renting means you don’t have to find places to store heavy equipment. A rental company will also do the maintenance work on the equipment for you! It’s also far less expensive to rent certain types of equipment than purchase them outright – especially for specialty units. Northside Tool Rental offers a wide selection of tools for both residential and professional uses. If ... Read more
How to pressure wash a driveway - Northside Tool Rental

Sidewalk Cleaners For Pristine Curb Appeal

Sidewalks become dirty for a number of reasons. Oil stains, planters that have been in one place too long, mold and mildew, or accumulated use from regular wear and tear can all contribute to a dirty sidewalk. That’s why sidewalks need love too! A clean sidewalk not only gives your visiting guests a better first impression of your home, it will give your yard more curb appeal! If you’re wanting to give your sidewalk a much-needed scrub, you’ll first need to decide what ... Read more
Fall Landscaping Ideas - Northside Tool Rental

10 Fun Fall DIY Project Ideas

Fall is a great time for outdoor DIY projects. Autumn brings cool, crisp temperatures that will make working outdoors a real pleasure. Are you stumped on what DIY project to build next? We are always happy to share DIY ideas! Here are a few of our favorite Fall DIY projects from Pinterest: DIY Projects for a Spooktacular Home   DIY Fall Projects For Your Yard   Read more
How To Build A Bookcase - Northside Tool Rental

How to Build a Simple Bookcase In A Weekend

While e-readers have become increasingly popular, bookcases are still high in demand. Bookshelves are versatile, and can store more than just books! They’re perfect for CDs, DVDs, knick-knacks, and even kitchen supplies. They’re also easy to build, and a great weekend project. Bookshelves can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Our guide teaches how to build a simple bookcase measuring 31”x24”x13”. This plan can be easily scaled to the size and shape you want! First Thing’s First: Supplies Materials 1 – 12’ ... Read more

How Long Does it Take to Build a House?

Atlanta’s population continues to grow, and the housing industry keeps growing with it. New houses and complexes are built throughout the year. If you’ve ever considered building your own lakeside retreat, or if you’re a DIY enthusiast, you may have wondered: exactly how long does it take to build a house? How Long Does it Take to Build a House? The length of time to build a house varies across the US. As of 2015, the Wall Street Journal reports that the average ... Read more
Fall Landscaping Ideas - Northside Tool Rental

Fall Landscaping Ideas That Will Add Late-Season Color To Your Yard

Fall is just around the corner, and with it a familiar and nostalgic routine. Kids are going back to school; football season is starting; the leaves are turning red and gold; sweaters get unpacked from closets, and the smell of cinnamon and spices wafts through the air. Atlanta is the perfect climate for many varieties of flowers, shrubs, and trees. This means that there are countless fall landscaping ideas you can choose from. We’ve put together a few ideas to help inspire ... Read more
Walk-Behind Brush Hog Rentals - Northside Tool Rental

Walk-Behind Brush Hog Rentals

Grass and weeds in Georgia summers can grow what seems like a foot per day. While this is an exaggeration, it only takes a few weeks for fields to become overgrown. When it’s time to clear that field, whether for aesthetics or for the small farm plot you’ve always wanted, the average lawn mower isn’t going to do the trick. You’re also not about to sharpen up that antique scythe in the attic! Fortunately, there’s an easy solution. Northside Tool Rental offers walk-behind ... Read more

Personnel Lift AKA “Man Lift” Rentals

“Personnel lifts” are known by a variety of names, including ‘boom lifts’, ‘articulating boom lifts’, ‘aerial lifts’, ‘scissor lifts’, ‘cherry pickers’, ‘basket ladders’, and most commonly, ‘man lifts’. Whichever name you know them by, they all serve the same purpose: to lift a person up to a project which a conventional ladder can’t quite reach. Northside Tool Rental offers several man lift rental options to fit your project! All About Man Lifts Man lifts were originally designed for picking fruit off the highest ... Read more
Atlanta Home Landscaping Ideas - Northside Tool Rental Blog

Atlanta Home Landscaping Ideas

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home and want to build your dream landscape, or you’ve lived in your home for years and want a change, hundreds of home landscaping ideas are available. Atlanta is an excellent climate for most plants to grow, so there is no shortage of choice on the type of plants you can feature! If you’re stumped on which direction to go, or looking for some inspiration, check out some of our landscaping ideas. Wildlife-Friendly Home Landscaping ... Read more

How to Grow Hydrangeas

How To Grow Hydrangeas Featuring dark, broad leaves and globes of clustered flowers ranging in color from pink to blue, hydrangeas are a distinctive and eye-catching addition to any Atlanta landscape. Learning how to grow hydrangeas will improve the beauty of your plants. How to Plant Hydrangeas Plant hydrangeas in the spring or fall, choosing an area of your lawn that gets sun in the morning but shade in the afternoon. Dig a hole as deep as the roots of your plant, and 2 to ... Read more
How to tile on concrete

How to Level a Floor For Tile

Laying even, level tiles can be a challenging task for novices and professionals alike. Every floor is different, including the type of tile, layout, existing backing, and the condition of the substrate, among many other factors. We’re here to show you that while laying level floor tile can be time consuming, it’s completely doable without having to hire the professionals. First Steps: Determining the Condition of your Substrate You’ll first need to determine what the condition of your tile’s substrate is. If your ... Read more

Northside Tool Rental’s Easy Guide on How to Edge a Lawn

Edging a lawn may seem like a very trivial task in the long list of regular lawn maintenance. You might wonder how a small line between pavement and grass can make any difference at all. The truth is that a defined edge improves both the health and appearance of your lawn. Why Edge My Lawn? Edging actually reduces the amount of time you spend on lawn maintenance. The border between the lawn and surrounding pavement, garden beds, or natural landscaping will create a ... Read more

How to Use a Weed Eater

How To Use A Weed Eater Weed eaters are the perfect tool for cutting grass, weeds, or other low underbrush from around objects, or for use on terrain that cannot be accessed by lawnmowers. While the line, or string, in a weed eater can last for many projects, repeated use will eventually cause the reserve in the spool to wear down. At this point, the line must be replaced. We at Northside Tool Rental want to show you that threading and using a weed ... Read more
Landscaping Ideas Atlanta - Northside Tool Rental

How To Lay Stepping Stones

An easy home improvement project for homeowners is laying stepping stones to create a decorative walkway in your yard. With this brief tutorial, we can teach you how to lay stepping stones in your yard. Why You Should Add Stepping Stones To Your Yard Adding a stepping stone walkway to your yard will encourage and direct your guests and visitors to use a defined path through your yard or garden. Stepping stones will define a path to encourage your guests to view your yard ... Read more

How To Make Mulch With A Wood Chipper

What Is Mulch? Mulch is any material that is used on the top of soil in garden beds and natural areas that prevents weeds growth, adds nutrients, conserves moisture, and regulates temperature in the soil.  Adding mulch will also enhance the beauty of your plant beds and natural areas by giving them a consistent, uniform look. Wood mulch in the garden is an attractive, natural-looking, and inexpensive pathway material. Mulch can be purchased at your local garden center or home store in a ... Read more

Best Home Improvement Projects To Add Value To Your Home

Are you the type that is always on the lookout for the best home improvement projects to tackle?  Finding home improvement projects that add value to your home can be fun and rewarding.  Searching for fun and easy project ideas will give you the opportunity to show off your skill and increase the value of your home. Home improvement project skill levels can vary from simple to demanding.  Choose a project that you are confident that you can complete.  It is better to ... Read more

How To Care For Your Lawn Year Round

Keeping your lawn attractive and healthy year-round is a goal of most homeowners. Knowing how to take care of your lawn by performing routine upkeep tasks and using the correct tools will keep your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. How To Care For Your Lawn--Tips For A Greener Lawn Wondering how to maintain a healthy, thick lawn throughout the year? The following lawn care routine tasks will keep your lawn healthy and looking great: Aerate: An aerator pulls plugs out of your soil. ... Read more
Landscaping Products Atlanta - Northside Tool Rental

Summer Lawn Care Tips for Atlanta Homeowners

Keeping a lush, green lawn in Atlanta during the hot summer months is not always easy.  To keep the grass in your lawn growing, you need the right amount of sunshine, good quality soil, and moisture with good drainage.  Here are some of our best summer lawn care tips and recommended equipment to get the job done for Atlanta homeowners. Summer Lawn Care Tips Control the Amount of Sunlight Your Lawn Gets Let’s face it, there isn’t much you can do to control how ... Read more

Six DIY Projects For Summer That Sizzle

Trying to think of fun and rewarding DIY projects for summer?  Here are six DIY projects for summer that will fit any skill level and budget. Six DIY Projects For Summer That Sizzle 1. Build An Outdoor BBQ Grill   This DIY project may seem difficult however, with a good, flat location and a simple design, even a beginner can create a permanent outdoor BBQ grill.  Look online or at your local library for easy to build outdoor BBQ plans. Build your BBQ with bricks or landscape ... Read more
How to grade a yard - Bobcat - Northside Tool Rental

How To Operate A Bobcat Skid Steer Loader

Have you ever considered renting construction equipment for a project but didn’t because you weren't sure how to operate a Bobcat?  We can teach you how to drive a Bobcat (also referred to as a skid steer loader) in a few quick and easy steps. Is it a Bobcat Or A Skid Steer Loader? The skid steer loader can, at times, be referred to simply as a Bobcat.  In fact, Bobcat is the name of a popular skid steer loader manufacturer.  Both names ... Read more

How To Operate A Mini Excavator

Knowing how to operate a mini excavator will save you time and money on your next outdoor project.  Mini excavators are known for their ability to work in tight places. In addition, renting mini excavators are much easier on the budget than renting a full size excavator. What Is A Mini Excavator? A mini excavator is a tracked vehicle that generally includes a standard backfill blade and features independent boom swing.  Mini excavators are made in different sizes based on the digging depth ... Read more
Personnel Lift AKA “Man Lift” Rentals - Northside Tool Rental

How To Operate A Scissor Lift

Learning how to operate a scissor lift is not difficult. A scissor lift is a portable, hydraulic-powered lift with a platform that can be raised into the air directly above the base. It is very important that you learn and understand all of the controls and safety steps before you begin operating a scissor lift. What is a Scissor Lift? Wikipedia defines a scissor lift as a type of platform that can usually only move vertically. The mechanism to achieve this is the ... Read more

How To Use Scaffolding For Your Next Project

Knowing how to use scaffolding for your next project will save you lots of time and effort. Renting scaffolding is money well spent.  Think of all the time you will save by not going up and down a ladder to move it from side to side while you work on your home project. What is Scaffolding? Scaffolding is a temporary structure used to support workers and materials to aid in  construction, maintenance, and repair projects.  Scaffolding is a practical option to using a ... Read more

How To Cut Marble Like a Pro

How To Cut Marble Like a Pro Learning how to cut marble may seem like a difficult DIY task.  In fact, it is easy to do when you are using the right equipment.  Knowing what equipment to use and how to use it properly will help you cut marble like a pro. Cutting marble yourself for your project will also save you money.  Most stone yards will have leftover, scrap pieces of marble that you can get for a reduced price.  If you ... Read more
Construction Equipment Rental Tips - Northside Tool Rental

How To Remove Drywall

Knowing how to remove drywall, instead of hiring a professional, can save you lots of money.  That being said, removing drywall can be a dusty, strenuous project.  With proper preparation and tools, you can minimize the time and effort it can take to remove drywall. Preparing To Remove Drywall Always wear safety glasses and work gloves to protect yourself from harm while working on any project. Remove all hazards. Make sure that all electricity, water, and gas lines are are shut off at their main ... Read more

DIY Home Projects For Families

DIY (Do It Yourself) home projects can be small and finished in just a few hours or they can be large and take months or even years to complete. DIY projects are a great way to get the whole family involved in an planning and executing a project.  DIY home projects can teach children project planning, math skills, and working together as a team in a fun way. What is your DIY Skill level?   Basic considerations for any DIY project should include skill ... Read more

How To Use A Wood Chipper

How To Use A Wood Chipper If you know how to use a wood chipper, sprucing up your yard in the spring and fall is an easy DIY project.  Removing dead tree branches and pruning shrubbery can create tons of debris.  Using a wood chipper will make yard debris a snap. Types Of Wood Chippers To Use A Chipper/Shredder machine can handle smaller size branches from shrubbery and leaves and will pulverize the wood into small shreds that can also be used as mulch.  Renting ... Read more
How To Refinish Hardwood Floors - Northside Tool Rental

How To Polish Floors Like A Pro

Do you know how to polish floors?  The easiest way to polish floors is with a good-quality floor polishing machine.  Floor polishing machines are electronically powered and simple to use.  The bottom of the polisher is round in shape and is made to rotate in a circular motion while it glides across your floor.  The polisher is guided by a handle that you can adjust for a comfortable height. How To Polish Floors Before you start polishing your floors, make sure that your floor ... Read more
diy vegetable garden - Northside Tool Rental Blog

How to Be Healthier & Wealthier Through DIY Vegetable Gardening

Approximately 43 million home vegetable gardens grace the landscape of the United States, and they increased a whopping 20% in just one year. In the Southeast, we enjoy gardening even more than the rest of the country, perhaps partly because of our comparatively milder climate. According to a National Gardening Association survey, people are flocking to gardening for a variety of reasons, but here are the most commonly cited: Eat better tasting food: 58 % Save money on food bills: 54% Eat better quality ... Read more
DIY Home Improvement Projects Window Box

DIY Home Improvement Projects That Are Super Fast And Easy

DIY Home Improvement Projects That are Super Fast and Easy Spring is a great season for DIY home improvement projects. In particular, outdoor projects that will spruce up your home. The weather is getting warmer and it's enjoyable to work outside. In addition, the daylight hours are getting longer.  The longer days make is easy to complete your project in just one or two days.  Projects can be complete in a weekend. Here are 10 super fast DIY home improvement projects that are perfect for Spring:   1.  Clean and ... Read more
Cool Backyard Ideas - Northside Tool Rental Blog

Cool Backyard Ideas

The backyard is one of the most social areas of the home. Whether you’re entertaining guests or enjoying summer fun with your family, it’s important that you yard be just as welcoming and relaxing as your home. These fourteen cool backyard ideas will give your space a unique, friendly ambiance without breaking your budget. Try out these exciting DIY backyard projects for fun features for the whole family. 1. Outdoor Chandelier Elegant and energy efficient; what more could you ask for? This rustic, repurposed ... Read more
How to replace a shower head - Northside Tool Rental blog

How to Replace a Shower Head

Whether you’re changing a broken shower head or simply updating your bathroom with more efficient fixtures, replacing a shower head can be a relatively easy process for both seasoned and beginner DIYers. This quick how-to guide will help you install your new fixed-mount, fixed-mount and handheld, or handheld only shower head quickly and effectively. What you’ll need: A new shower head An adjustable wrench Plumber’s tape Preparation The first step of changing your shower head is preparing your work area. Place an old towel at the bottom ... Read more
Paint Bucket and Brush - Northside Tool Rental Blog

Practical Guide on How to Thin Latex Paint 

Learning how to thin latex paint can help you save from so much trouble when it is time to start painting. Although this task may seem rather daunting at first, thinning paint includes certain techniques that will ensure you of excellent results that you expect. Read along and discover key facts about thinning latex paint, including additional tips you may want to know about this topic. Practical Paint Thinning Tips Latex is a type of water-based paint, which you can thin using water. ... Read more

Is It Necessary to Wash Walls Before Painting?

Some people who are planning to paint their home's interior wonder if it is better to wash walls before painting, or if they can start working right away. Primarily, this all depends on the type of paint and the surface that you will have to paint on. So, for further information on this topic, read along and gain practical tips and techniques that will help you obtain outstanding results. Determine if you need to wash the walls If you are using gloss or ... Read more
How to tile on concrete

Guide on How to Tile on Concrete

Thinking of the proper way on how to tile on concrete? If you are planning to wrk on this project, then it is best to be aware of the right techniques beginning with the preparation process to the actual procedure on tiling concrete floor. So, read along to learn more about this task as you read along. Preparation The best thing about concrete floors is that once these are free of abrasions or cracks, it is easy for you to lay ceramic tiles ... Read more

Practical Guide on How to Use a Stump Grinder

After a tree is removed, a stump that sticks out of the ground may appear to be an eyesore in your property. This also gets in the way of your landscaping plans, so it is best to have this removed to keep the area clear and easy to maintain. Grinding is usually the best option as this is the fastest and most effective way to remove stumps. It is only a matter of knowing what it takes to rent this equipment ... Read more
Dingo Equipment - Northside Tool Rental Blog

Essential Guide to Using Dingo Equipment Properly and Safely

To reduce manual labor while enhancing productivity, the dingo equipment can be your practical solution. With this equipment, you can expect to get the job done quickly using the different attachments. What's more, you can work in tight areas efficiently without any heavy footprint along the way. Pre-Start Checks Before using the dingo equipment, be sure to apply certain techniques during the pre-start period. Various key components should be checked carefully and regularly prior to operating the equipment. For instance, the engine oil ... Read more

Knocking Down A Wall

Knocking down a wall in your home is often considered by homeowners as a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project.  Before you grab a hammer and start knocking down a wall, there are several factors to consider.  Rushing into knocking down a wall in your home can result in increased costs and dangerous safety hazards. Structural Knowledge It is not easy to determine whether a wall is load bearing or not. Removing a wall in a one-story house is much different than in a two-story house, ... Read more

How To Build A Wood Fence

How To Build A Wood Fence According to poet, Robert Frost, "Good fences make good neighbors." Whether you want to build a wood fence for privacy or for decoration -- it is true that by doing a little planning and effort, your wooden fence will certainly be admired by those living near you. Fences can be the source of arguments between neighbors. Common disagreements include what kind of fence is being built, where it is being built, and how the fence will be ... Read more
Landscaping Around Patio - Northside Tool Rental Blog

Landscaping Around Patio – Ways to Beautify Your Outdoor Space

Thinking of a way to improve the appearance of your outdoor space? Then, you should consider applying simple yet effective techniques in landscaping around patio. After all, a beautiful landscape can instantly transform the appearance of your property while increasing its market value. What's more, having the right plan for landscaping and planting around your patio can minimize maintenance and increase the square footage of your property. So, check out this guide when it comes to landscaping around the patio and consider ... Read more
How to Control Weeds in Flower Beds - Northside Tool Rental Blog

Simple Guide on How to Control Weeds in Flower Beds

Weeds can ruin the overall appearance of your garden, particularly your flower beds. So, what you need to do is to learn how to control weeds in flower beds to achieve a well-groomed and manicured garden that adds to your property's appeal. The tips below can help you maintain your garden's beauty while minimizing the amount of time you spend weeding regularly. 1. Dormant weeds are better left untouched. While weeds are generally pulled at the roots, it is advisable to just leave ... Read more
How to Install Baseboard - Northside Tool Rental Blog

A Simple And Easy Guide on How To Install Baseboard

The finishing touch of any house comes from the minute details that complete the overall charm. Baseboards form an important part of this charm as it covers the joints between the floor and the walls. For people who like to work around the wood shop and need some baseboard replacement, installing them on your own can be the perfect DIY project for the weekend. Cutting out the old ones and installing the new ones may require some handyman skills and will ... Read more
Woodworking - Northside Tool Rental

Beginner Woodworking Projects made Fun and Easy

Anyone who wishes to start woodworking faces the daunting task of having to choose the type of wood, the correct tools and manage the expenses. Fortunately, woodworking has now become popular across the globe in many countries. This means that there are many more experts who are willing to guide you on your woodworking hobby to make the activities fun and safe. In addition to the basic information provided about tool kits and carving tips, many websites on the Internet now provide ... Read more
Front Tine Tiller - Northside Tool Rental Blog

Guide on How to Use a Tiller to Level a Yard

When it comes to any gardening project, the secret to producing quality crops is having a fertile soil. Any types of garden require good and rich soil that will promote abundant growth for your fruits and vegetables. So, it is important that you prepare the soil by knowing how to use a tiller to level a yard properly. A tiller is a tool that you use when digging into the soil. It is a matter of choosing and using a top quality ... Read more

How To Build A Retaining Wall

WHAT IS A RETAINING WALL? A retaining wall is a structure that holds back soil or water. Retaining walls are built to reduce erosion or to correct an awkwardly sloped landscape retaining walls can be made of stone, concrete block, or wood timbers. Consideration should be given to the height, the type of soil behind the wall, and what will be on top of your retaining wall. Based on these considerations, the appropriate type of retaining wall can be constructed. GRAVITY RETAINING WALL The gravity ... Read more

How to Build A Raised Garden Bed

A raised garden bed provides a gardening method that allows you to grow a larger, more plentiful harvest with less cost, in less space, using less water and seeds, and less work than traditional gardens.  Raised garden bed gardening is a fun family project to teach children about how plants grow and eating delicious, healthy foods. WHY RAISED BED GARDENING WORKS Raised garden bed gardening is ideal for smaller spaces and poor soil conditions. The close plant spacing and use of quality soil will result in higher ... Read more
Construction Equipment Rental Tips - Northside Tool Rental

What You Should Know About Construction Tool Rental

When it comes to choosing the best construction tool rental company, it helps to determine the quality of products and services offered. After all, you are devoting your time and money for that company, so it is only right you get the best value for your investment. At Northside Tool Rental, you can expect to receive only the finest service that you need and deserve. In fact, we have been in the business since 1953, which makes us the right people for ... Read more

Patio Heater Troubleshooting Tips You Should Know

When the chilly months kick in, patio heaters can become one of the most essential items you can have to keep you warm this time of the year. So, it is best to know some patio heater troubleshooting techniques that will ensure you of this machine's excellent running condition. Read along and check out this guide on common patio heater issues and how to solve each. Check for Gas at the Burner Generally, patio heaters are simple machines with just a few components ... Read more

Tool Rental Company Comparison

We decided to take a look at how Northside Tool Rental service and pricing stacked up against the other tool rental companies. We think you’ll agree that Northside Tool Rental is the smarter choice the next time you need to use a tool and equipment rental service. Northside Tool Rental vs. Big Box Tool Rental Departments ✓ We take reservations - Big Box Tool Rental Departments does not. ✓ Our pricing and reservation system is online - theirs is not. ✓ We have an easy ... Read more
Pumpkin Carving Designs - Northside Tool Rental Blog

Pumpkin Carving Designs and Tips You Should Know

Halloween is just around the corner, and it's that time of the year once again to start thinking about amazing pumpkin carving designs to decorate your home. So, whether you are a newbie or a pro in carving pumpkins, these tips and design ideas can come in handy this season. Choosing the Right Pumpkin If you want to get that flawless and attractive design for your pumpkin, it's best to start by examining closely the shape, texture and quality of the pumpkin you ... Read more

How To Patch Holes in Drywall

Accidents happen... So, you were moving that beautiful new antique armoire into your house and you accidentally bumped the wall leaving a small hole. Don’t sweat it, patching the hole in your drywall is much easier than moving that heavy armoire! Here’s what you need to patch your drywall: Materials Piece of drywall larger than the hole in the wall Pencil 1 x 3 wood strapping or salvaged wood to use for backing Construction adhesive Joint compound Small piece of screen 2 inches larger than the patch piece Fine Silicone-Carbide sandpaper Tools Utility knife or Drywall ... Read more

How To Caulk Your Bathtub or Shower in 8 Simple Steps

Yuck!  Are you are frustrated because your bathtub or shower looks dirty and you just cleaned it?  Take these 8 simple steps to apply new caulk and improve the look of your bathtub or shower. Caulking is an easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project that will freshen the look of your tub or shower. Old caulk can crack and cause water to leak behind tile causing water damage to your wall. A further problem with cracks in old caulk is mildew growing around your bathtub or ... Read more
Garden Tiller - Northside Tool Rental Blog

Westview Bungalow Uses Northside Tool Rental For Patio Project

Look What We Dug UP! Blogs are a great way to discover design ideas, learn about a DIY project;  or even meet your neighbors and customers!  We were "digging" around the internet and found the local blog, Westview Bungalow. The blog features first-time homeowners that write about their lives and DIY projects. According to the blog owners; Originally the blog was only focused on the renovation of the house, but as time has passed it has morphed to also include a lot on gardening, cooking, ... Read more
3″ Chipper/Shredder - Northside Tool Rental

Primary Considerations When Renting A Chipper or Chipper/Shredder

Are you getting ready to clean up your yard? A chipper or chipper/shredder will help speed up the task and in return, give you free mulch or compost. Renting the wrong equipment for the job can cause equipment failure.  The following considerations will help you decide if you need to rent a chipper or a chipper/shredder. Primary considerations when renting 6" & 12" limb chippers: Minimum branch diameter for the chipper is 1".   Maximum is 6" or 12". If you put smaller items, leaves, ... Read more
How to Aerate Your Lawn - Northside Tool Rental

How to Aerate Your Lawn

Why Aerate Your Lawn? Having a lawn that needs aerating is like an elevator chock-full of people with a blocked air vent. It’s a tight fit and oppressive. That’s how the grass on your lawn feels -- constricted with no room to grow; starving for air, water, and nutrients. Aerating your soil gives your grass room to germinate and grow, as well as permits air and water to penetrate deep into the soil, giving your lawn a lush, green appearance. The purpose for ... Read more
Painting - Northside Tool Rental

Should You Paint Walls or Trim First? Essential Painting Tips You Should Know

When it comes to painting, you are probably wondering whether you should paint walls or trim first. Ideally, you should start by covering larger areas first such as the ceiling and walls, then you can proceed to painting the trim. For some people, painting the walls first is easier to do, while there are those who begin with the door or window trim before the walls. These techniques come with different advantages, so it is important to understand the pros and ... Read more
Construction Jobs Atlanta - Northside Tool Rental

Atlanta Construction Jobs

From 2010 through 2020, the demand for workers in construction jobs in Atlanta is predicted to increase by 5.04 percent, growing at a rate of roughly 2.49 percent every year. This means that over 1,100 new jobs will be created in the city in construction-related fields. Whether you're considering a career change or are getting ready to graduate from high school, a career in construction could provide you with steady income and room for advancement in the future. Read on to ... Read more
How To Become a General Contractor in Georgia

How to Become a General Contractor in Georgia

Throughout Georgia, there is a growing demand for general contractors. If you have experience in the construction industry and would like to translate your talents and interests into a lucrative career, becoming a general contractor could be for you, but if you want to become a contractor in Georgia, you'll need to first obtain a license. Georgia is one of the many states that requires contractors to hold a license in order to perform work. Licenses are issued by the Georgia Board ... Read more
How To Refinish Hardwood Floors - Northside Tool Rental

How to Refinish Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors have timeless appeal and truly enhance the beauty of any room in a home, but over the years, hardwood flooring can begin to look dingy and scratched. Even the finest of hardwood flooring surfaces is not immune to wear and tear, as heavy foot traffic and the weight of furniture gradually take their toll on floors. Fortunately, you don't have to invest in entirely new flooring to improve the appearance of your home. You can refinish your hardwood floors ... Read more
Extension Ladder - Northside Tool Rental Blog

Simple Steps: How To Use An Extension Ladder

Some jobs that you do outside the house aren't always on ground level. Further, you might require a ladder that allows you to reach a higher level or higher floors if you are working on a commercial job. For this reason, learning how to use an extension ladder, and properly setting it up to avoid injuries when completing different tasks. These are a few simple steps to help you properly set up the extension ladder, in order to be able to ... Read more
Construction Equipment Rental Tips - Northside Tool Rental

Construction Equipment Rental Tips You Need to Know

Renting a construction equipment offers a much cheaper way for you to get things done without splurging on an expensive tool or machine. However, there are basic construction equipment rental tips that you should know to avoid any problems in renting. You need to keep in mind that your time, money, and quality results of the construction is at hand when you rent a piece of equipment. So, check out this guide on renting construction equipment the quick and easy way. Benefits ... Read more
How To Cut Down A Tree - Northside Tool Rental Blog

Tips and Steps on How to Cut Down a Tree

While trees can add to the overall appeal and beauty of any landscape, there may be times when you will have to cut them down for a number of reasons. It may already be blocking a path for pedestrians and vehicles, or the tree may pose hazards to homes because of its enormous size. No matter what your reasons are for cutting a tree, be sure to apply the right techniques on how to cut down a tree to avoid injuries ... Read more
How To Balance A Ceiling Fan - Northside Tool Rental Blog

DIY Guide on How to Balance a Ceiling Fan

Having a wobbly and unbalanced ceiling fan at home can make you feel terrified about the possibility of it falling on you. Moreover, this issue can cause serious damages to the bushings and bearing of the fan's motor, and it is likely for you to keep hearing an annoying loud noise each time the fan is switched on. Thus, it is important that you make sure the fan is properly installed on the ceiling to prevent these issues and keep you ... Read more
How To Frame A Door - Northside Tool Rental Blog

Simple Techniques on How To Frame A Door

If you are all set for a home improvement project such as framing your door, then you may find yourself wondering how to begin this task. Initially, you may think that it is somewhat complicated to start with this project, but you can achieve excellent results by having necessary tools ready and applying the right techniques on how to frame a door. Getting Started When building another partition wall in your home, which comes with an interior door, you will have to make ... Read more
How To Prune Peach Trees - Northside Tool Rental Blog

Practical Guide on How To Prune Peach Trees

Pruning fruit trees such as peach trees must be done annually, as this technique facilitates proper air movement and penetration of sunlight, which can enhance the color and quality of the fruit. When peach twigs receive too much shading, this can eventually cause the twig to die during one of the growing seasons. Soon, there will be no more twigs left in the lower part of the peach tree that can bear fruits. The Basics in Pruning Peach Trees There are basic steps ... Read more

9 Great Garden Pathway Ideas

There is nothing like a walk through the garden to help you relax and unwind after a busy day, and it's those winding garden pathways that allow you to travel through your outdoor landscaping without disturbing your flowerbeds and shrubberies. Garden pathways don't just serve a functional purpose in your backyard; they also add to the overall look of the garden, making it important that you take the time to plan the perfect path to complement your garden design. You don't have to ... Read more
How To Kill Weeds In Your Lawn - Northside Tool Rental

How to Kill Weeds in Your Lawn

Your lawn is one of the first things that people notice about your home. The way your lawn looks helps to create a first impression, so you always want it to look its best. Unfortunately, even the most meticulously cared for lawns can develop unsightly weeds that detract from the appearance of the yard, but you can deal with them to get your yard looking picture perfect again. If you're wondering how to kill weeds in your lawn, read on to discover ... Read more
How To Maintain A Deck - Northside Tool Rental Blog

How To Maintain A Deck

Wood decks will get dingy over time, and if not properly maintained, the color is going to fade, resulting in a finish that doesn't look great. The simple solution is to learn how to maintain a deck, in order to ensure it not only looks great as the years pass, but also to ensure your money doesn't go down the drain, because you will constantly have to be replacing wood planks and boards. With the right tools, and supplies, not only is ... Read more
How to operate a chain saw - Northside Tool Rental Blog

How To Operate A Chainsaw

A chainsaw is a powerful tool, and in the wrong hands can cause major damage, and potentially debilitating injuries to others who are around you when using it. For this reason, not only do you have to know how to operate a chainsaw, but also how to operate it safely, in the different situations that you are going to be using it in. Since there are many ways, places, and jobs you are going to use a chainsaw and other tools for, ... Read more
How to Make a Flower Bed - Northside Tool Rental

How To Make A Flower Bed

Though starting a flower bed from scratch will require some planning and forethought, the process can be fun and exciting. Just the thought of seeing a bloom of beautiful flowers that you propagated into a lovely flower bed is worth all the effort. There are many types of flowers available and you can plant your flower bed any way you like, large or small, raised or flat, curved, square, or straight, whatever you desire! Keep in mind, you can change your flower ... Read more
Front Tine Tiller - Northside Tool Rental

How to Use a Tiller

A tiller can be a great tool if you ever need to break up soil for a new lawn or garden. Once you understand how they work and how to maintain them, using a tiller can be a very easy process. If you have never used a tiller or are just looking for a refresher course in how to use one, then listen up. We are going to cover in detail, how to use a tiller, but first we have to ... Read more
How To Cut Hedges - Northside Tool Rental

Essential Guide on How to Cut Hedges Properly

Hedges add beauty to your garden, but you will have to trim them regularly to maintain their great appearance. With the use of essential supplies and special trimming techniques, you can keep your hedges neat and in perfect order. Read along and discover the proper ways on how to cut hedges. Get the Right Supplies Regardless of the height of your hedges, it is important to use certain tools that are necessary for this project. Among the different supplies that you should prepare ... Read more
Lawn Mower Won't Start - Northside Tool Rental

Top Reasons Why Your Lawn Mower Won’t Start (and Solutions for Each Problem)

The weather's just right to start cutting the grass, but there's just one bit of a problem – your lawn mower won't start! When this happens, what are you supposed to do? Before you begin panicking and think about buying a brand new lawn mower, you might want to check out these possible causes of the problem. Who knows, you might get your lawn mower working like brand new again by applying these tips to solving potential issues. Inspect the Spark Plug If ... Read more
Proper Lawn Edging Technique - Northside Tool Rental

Simple Guide to Proper Lawn Edging Technique

After mowing the lawn for hours, you probably find yourself staring at unsightly edges that ruin the entire look of your garden. Don't let this less-than-perfect image bring down your dream of having a magazine-quality lawn. By applying proper lawn edging technique, you can give people more reasons to admire every single section of your yard. Getting Started on Lawn Edging Lawn edging can turn any yard from drab to fab. With this simple technique, you can achieve a manicured appearance to your ... Read more
How to pressure wash a driveway - Northside Tool Rental

The Right Tools & Steps – How To Pressure Wash A Driveway

For home owners, learning how to pressure wash a driveway is one of the many things you will have to do to maintain the look of the driveway, as well as the structural quality. Over time, your car, gravel, and other debris are going to tear away at the driveway. By properly washing it with the right tools, you are not only going to find it will look better and remain clean, but it will also last longer, so you do ... Read more
How much to rent a Bobcat - Northside Tool Rental

How Much To Rent A Bobcat?

Northside Tool Rental is a Tool and Equipment Rental company based in Metro Atlanta, GA. Below we are going to highlight the costs that you can expect when renting a Bobcat (also known by its common name 'Skid Steer Loader'). We want to better help our customers understand the costs associated with this equipment as well as help other people that are looking for more information on the cost of renting a Bobcat. If you would like to rent a Bobcat ... Read more

How To Pressure Wash Your House

Until homeowners get some experience with a pressure washing machine, they often think that these machines are some kind of a magic wand. To them, all that one needs to do is take the machine, wave it over the house, truck, car, tractor, or boat and it magically becomes clean. As usual though, it is not always as easy as it appears. A lot more is needed with regard to how to pressure wash your house. But there can be no denying ... Read more
Bermuda Lawn Care - Northside Tool Rental

Bermuda Lawn Care

Bermuda grass is one of the best choices for your lawn, in sunny, warm climate regions. But, what about the times of year when the sun is not out, or the temperature dips lower than normal; or, what if you have this grass installed in regions it isn't typically laid down in? With the right equipment, and with the right maintenance care tips, you will find that Bermuda lawn care and maintenance is not as difficult as you may expect it ... Read more

How To Grade A Yard

Learning how to grade a yard with a Bobcat, is not as difficult as one might think. In fact, learning how to operate one of these machines is quite simple, and within a day, you should be able to learn the basics of grading your yard and lawn. Site preparation Most local city municipalities will require you put up a silk fencing barrier, when using a Bobcat to grade your yard. This not only provides a safety measure for those who are working ... Read more
how to build a chain link fence - Northside Tool Rental

How To Build A Chain Link Fence

If you are looking for simple tips and steps on how to build a chain link fence, the process is not that complex. With the right tools, and with the right guide in place, you will find that the process is something that anyone can do, even if you are new to DIY projects. It is important to have the right tools, in order to ensure the job is done right, and to ensure it is a sturdy, well built fence. With ... Read more
How to build a backyard firepit - Northside Tool Rental

How To Build A Backyard Firepit

Sitting and spending time around a fire is considered to be the oldest form of entertainment. There’s nothing better than ending a busy day, sitting around a fire, enjoying the company of your friends and family. This makes having a firepit in your backyard absolutely essential. Many people are of the assumption that constructing a firepit is quite and daunting task and may require professional help. This couldn’t be further from the truth. With the right set of tools and a little hard ... Read more
How to grow dark leafy greens - Northside Tool Rental

How To Grow Dark Leafy Greens

According to expert gardeners and other professionals in the industry, leaves are the most edible parts of leafy green vegetables. In fact, leaves of some dark leafy green vegetables are even eaten fresh as salads. Some of the most common leafy green vegetables include spinach, Swiss chard, Kale, Collards, Lettuce and Turnip Greens. However, there are also some other leafy green vegetables which have become extremely popular. These include Arugula, Mustard Greens, Dandelion, Cres, Asian vegetables and Mache. In recent years, dark ... Read more
Best lawn tools - red tiller - Northside Tool Rental

The best lawn tools for your outdoor projects

Of course depending on the projects you have in store for your garden, the best lawn tools are going to vary for each home owner. But, there are a few tools that can make your life much easier, and allow you to complete gardening tasks in a fraction of the time, when you put them to use. These are a few of the tools to use, to not only help you complete your Spring projects in a timely manner, but also ... Read more
Garden Projects for Spring - Northside Tool Rental

Garden Projects for Spring

Now that its Spring, there are many home owners who can't wait to get back outside, and start on their gardening again. In fact, there are several great garden projects for Spring, that you can begin working on right away. Whether you have a favorite floral arrangement, want to try gardening a few new plants this year, or want to try out any other project, the time to get the projects underway is now. Clear out the ditches Before you can start planting ... Read more
How to clean garden tools properly - Northside Tool Rental

How to clean garden tools properly

Properly cleaning your garden tools will not only help elongate their usable life, but will also avoid rust, damage, and lack of usability over time. Knowing how to clean garden tools properly will allow you to use the tools for their intended purposes, and will also allow you to keep the tools for several years to come. Proper care preserves your tools, and helps you avoid wasting money on new tools ever couple of years, due to rust, or other types ... Read more
Spring Lawn Care Tips - Northside Tool Rental

6 Important Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring is here, so thinking about your lawn is not such a distant future thought. The truth is that spring is the time of the year when the steady hum of lawnmowers fill the air all across the United States. Most American homeowners are extremely proud about their yards, spending over $6.4 billion each year on lawn care products and services (according to the Lawn Institute). A healthy summer lawn will always start with spring maintenance. The reality is that winter can ... Read more
Lawn Areator - Northside Tool Rental

Aerating Your Lawn – The Right Time to Do It

Aeration of a lawn involves perforating the soil, and making small holes to allow water, nutrients and air to penetrate the grass roots. Due to this, roots get stronger and grow deeper into the ground. This strengthens the overall strength of your lawn. The primary reason for aerating a lawn is to eliminate soil compaction. Search All Atlanta Lawn Aerator Rentals Compact soil can have a lot of solid particles in a certain space or volume, which prevents better circulation of water, nutrients ... Read more
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