Increase Productivity with a Sherpa Mini Skid Rental

If you appreciate the strong and silent type on your jobsite, we have the worker for you! The Sherpa battery-powered mini skid steer is exactly what you may be looking for. The 100ECO is just as powerful as its “combustion engine” counterparts, but it is particularly suitable for interior work. It’s got no internal-combustion engine which means no fumes. And its whisper-quiet operation vastly cuts down on noise pollution. The Perfect Size A Sherpa plugs into any standard 110-volt outlet for charging and ... Read more

Make Demolition Easier with the Right Tools

Demolition is by far the messiest, most dangerous piece of any renovation project, but it can also be the most fun! Tearing out the old, ugly, and out of date can give such a feeling of satisfaction, especially when you can envision the "after" picture. Just as there is more than one way "to sling a sledgehammer", there is more than one way to go about demolition. Find out how having the right tools can make the job easier. SAFETY EQUIPMENT: This is ... Read more