Heat Things Up This Fall With a Heater Rental

Chilly evenings can feel refreshing after a long, hot summer. But as the temperatures drop, it is essential to have a strategy to keep your guests and workers warm, both day and night. Here in the south, a portable heater rental might seem like something that you may not need very often - but when the situation calls for one, nothing else will do. Here are some examples of when renting a portable heater can come in handy: Let's Heat Things Up  ... Read more

Portable Air Conditioners Make NTR the Coolest Rental Company in Town

Not in the entire history of central air conditioning has an air conditioner ever broken down at a convenient time! Air conditioners only seem to break down during the hottest weekend, or right before a holiday, or right before a big event. And of course, they all conspire to break down at the same time causing not a single repair technician to be available for days. Have no fear! A portable air conditioner rental from Northside Tool Rental can save the day. ... Read more

Keep Cool this Summer with Misting Fans

When the temperatures start to rise and you can’t rely on air conditioning to cool you down, portable misting fans can feel like a lifesaver. This little miracle on wheels can provide you with the opportunity to be cool and comfortable regardless of where you are. How exactly does it work? Contrary to popular belief, misting fans do not make people wet. The droplets are immensely small when they are sprayed into the air. Once the droplets cool down the surrounding air, they ... Read more