Proper Ladder Use is a Hot Topic

So exactly why is proper ladder use a hot topic? Because according to the CDC, among construction workers, an estimated 81% of fall injuries treated in U.S. emergency departments involve a ladder. Even through these accidents are extremely common, they are almost entirely preventable. Because ladders are such a simple tool, there is a danger of becoming complacent about ladder safety. To keep all workers safe, be sure everyone takes the following precautions. Choose the right ladder for the job. Consider how ... Read more

Helping Atlanta Contractors Rise Above the Competition with Lift Equipment

Whether you need an elevated work platform, the ability to reach a tall work space, or you have heavy materials and supplies to move around, our lift equipment rental can make your job significantly easier. Having the resourcefulness a lift provides can also put you in a better place to meet the needs of your customers. To choose a lift equipment rental that will work best for your project, there are a few questions you need to ask: What are the conditions of the job site? ... Read more