DIY Home Improvement Projects That Are Super Fast And Easy

DIY Home Improvement Projects That are Super Fast and Easy

Spring is a great season for DIY home improvement projects. In particular, outdoor projects that will spruce up your home. The weather is getting warmer and it’s enjoyable to work outside.

In addition, the daylight hours are getting longer.  The longer days make is easy to complete your project in just one or two days.  Projects can be complete in a weekend.

Here are 10 super fast DIY home improvement projects that are perfect for Spring:

DIY Home Improvement Projects Window Box


1.  Clean and caulk windows

There is a lot of dirt and grime that can build up on your windows over the winter. Remove screens from the windows and spray clean with your garden hose. If needed, use a soft brush to scrub any stuck on debris. By the way, if your screens are damaged, now is a great time to fix them. Spray your windows and wash, using your soft brush, with a glass cleaning solution. Inspect caulking around windows and re-caulk any areas that need it.

2.  Aerate your lawn

If you are planning on fertilizing or seeding in the spring, why not aerate your lawn about 4 to 6 weeks prior. By aerating your lawn, you open up and make room for any fertilizer or seed that you sow. Aerating will also allow those spring showers soak into the soil. This project can be done in less than a day and the result is a lawn that is green and lush all summer long.

3. Spruce up your flower beds

Untidy flower beds around your house will make your house look unclean. The first step is to remove any dead or spindly plants from the beds. Trim any overgrown bushes and trees. Plant new bushes or flowers, if needed.

Are the weeds taking over your beds? Consider using a spray weed killer to get rid of hardy weeds. Another option would be to mix a solution of hot water and vinegar and spray the solution directly on to weeds.

Once the weeds have been removed, tack landscape fabric or even better, place wet newspaper down to cover all exposed areas. Finally, mulch your beds at least 3 to 4 inches deep to keep new weeds from growing.

4. Pressure wash deck and walks

Pressure wash your deck for a clean look. Pressure washers can damage your wood deck if you don’t use the right setting. Use as low a pressure as possible while still being effective and use a fan tip. Also, never get close than 12 inches to the wood surface.

After cleaning, consider staining, and re-sealing your wood deck to keep it looking new. If you have cement walkways, use the same pressure washing tips to renew cement.

Also, check out our article about pressure washing your house!

5. Paint your front door

The easiest way to paint your front door is to remove it from its hinges and lay it flat. You can’t always do this. If removing your door is not an option, you can paint it while it is hanging. Just remember to protect your floors and surrounding areas. Another consideration is that you will also need to leave your door open while the paint dries. Clean your door thoroughly and apply new paint.

6. Add a window box

Adding a window box to the exterior of your home will add charming color and lots of curb appeal. This is an easy DIY project. Window boxes can be made of wood or plastic material. Either way, when filled with dirt, they can be heavy. Make sure that you use the proper attachments to hold your window box. Add dirt and pretty flowers and sit back and enjoy their beauty.

7. Build a fire pit

Building a fire pit in your back yard will make a great entertainment spot on those cool spring evenings. The first step in this project is to make sure that local ordinance or homeowners association will allow a fire pit in your yard. A nice fire pit can be built using landscape concrete pavers. Simply stack the pavers in the pattern you wish and you will have an instant fire pit. Stack pavers in a staggered pattern in a location away from the house and low hanging tree branches.

DIY Home Improvement Project House numbers8. Add decorative house numbers

Here is your opportunity to really get creative. You can buy house numbers and attach them to a decorative wood panel or simply attach directly to the front of your house. A fun way to curb appeal is by painting your house numbers on a large pot. Place the pot in a prominent place near your mailbox or placed on your porch. Add dirt and plant seasonal flowers for a colorful appearance.

9. Hide your AC unit

Hide your heat and air conditioning unit by building a screen. For this super fast project, simply buy pre-made lattice fence panels at your local hardware store and add hinges to join each panel. Anchor the panels in the ground with stakes. By using stakes, the panels can be moved when necessary.

10. Paint old porch lights

Making sure your porch lights are clean and rust-free will make your house look stately. First, inspect your porch lights for any damage. Replace any broken glass. Turn of any power to the lights; double check with a meter that all power has been turned off. Next, remove the lights. Lay the lights on a drop cloth and clean than mask off any glass. Using spray paint made for outdoors, spray paint your lights. After the paint is dry, clean all glass and simply re-hang the light for a fresh, new look.

All of these super fast DIY home improvement projects for the spring will add a clean, fresh look to the exterior of your home. If you are in the Atlanta area and need tools, you can easily rent them from Northside Tool Rental.  Take advantage of Northside Tool Rental’s RENT ONE DAY AND KEEP ALL WEEKEND LONG deal.